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CAB 80s and 90s BINGO night

Campus Activities Board’s 80s and 90s BINGO night

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Your Ideas

Send your ideas for a great campus activity to Chris Frantz, campus activities director. Submissions can be as simple as, “I’d like to go bowling sometime soon,” or with more detail, like, “I think we should commemorate Hesston College’s history with a costume party. It could all take place in BSC with prizes for best costume (prize–dinner for two catered by a prof), most historically accurate (leftovers from the dinner for two), and wildest get-up (a pair of flip flops and an HC sweatshirt).”


Hesston College offers a variety of clubs for campus community participation:

Crochet Club

Crochet Club is for anyone who would like to learn a new skill. We will teach you how to crochet, or help you advance your skill level if you already know the basics. Crochet Club meets on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in the Larks Nest. Come socialize and work on projects. Beginner supplies will be provided.

Cycling Club

The Cycling Club promotes cycling as an activity, exercise and lifestyle. The Cycling Club will participate in monthly rides and monthly speakers/discussions aimed at increasing education and awareness as it pertains to cycling. Sponsor – Brent Brockmueller.

Disney Movie Club

The Disney Movie Club hosts a movie night once a week. This club exists to educate others on the classic Disney movies that hold great messages. It will be a good time to build relationships and engage in healthy time management. Sponsors – Heidi Zehr and Stephanie Swartzendruber.

Grill Club

Learn about grilling different types of food and enjoy fellowship together while sampling the amazing food. The grill club also hosts fund-raisers at soccer and baseball games. Sponsor – Jim Mason.

Hesston College Amateur Radio Club

The Hesston College Amateur Radio Club is established for the purpose of promoting amateur radio activities among Hesston College students, faculty, staff, alumni, former employees, spouses, families and the local community. Sponsor – Bob Harder.

Multi-Cultural Club

The Multi-Cultural Club exists to encourage the development of cross cultural relationships, to enhance and foster connections across the campus. Students will be exposed to a variety of cultural values. We will learn about each other’s foods, cultures, clothes, etc. Student Leaders – Awah Hammad, Christina Hershey, Misaki Hirayama, Havela Lehman. Sponsors – Tony Brown and Jim Yoder.

Nations Mixer

The Nations Mixer hosts social events to inspire friendships from around the world. We host games and conversations that will improve intercultural communication, English language skills and build a community. Sponsors – Heidi Hochstetler and André Swartley.

Peace & Service Club

Peace & Service Club promotes a lifestyle of service and will critically engage the realities of the world through the lens of peace as lived and taught by Jesus while wrestling with current issues from a global perspective. Sponsor – Todd Lehman.

Pep Band

Pep Band is for students who enjoy playing in a pep band and would like to get together to make music in a student-led setting. The Pep Band plans to play at the home basketball games. There will be regular practices held for Pep Band. Student Leaders – Matt Lind and Zac Headings. Sponsors – Kate Mast and Rachel Swartzendruber Miller.

Stewardship Club

Stewardship Club promotes sustainability and responsible use of resources with fun activities across campus. Some of our projects include organizing the free store and brainstorming ways of minimizing waste. This club invites others to think about the social responsibility one has in the world today. Sponsor – Heidi Zehr

Superhero Club

We as super hero club strive to be an inclusive community in which we gather together to watch television and film, explore comic book heroes and engage in discussion about moral and ethical implications surrounding the characters we observe. In addition we choose to explore what makes us as ordinary human beings “super” and how we can engage the world around us through various avenues and make the world we live in a better place. Our definition of a superhero is as follows: A super hero is a sentient entity who possesses inexplicable powers or abilities and chooses to influence society through what is considered a high moral standard by the general population. Sponsor – Kevin Wilder.