Campus Activities

Campus Activities are planned and carried out by the campus activities coordinators and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) which consists of six selected students. The goal is to offer activities that provide opportunities for fellowship and recreation to all members of the campus community.

A wide variety of events are available throughout the year including movie nights, coffee houses, bowling nights, ice skating, lip sync battles and game nights.

The college views these activities as an integral part of each student’s emotional, social and physical development.


Hesston College supports the organization of clubs that provide opportunities for students to further explore specific areas of interest. Clubs have included Travel Kansas, knitting, baking club, dance and disc golf clubs. Initially, each club must present a written proposal to the campus activities coordinators who will approve club development. Each club must have a faculty or staff member as an active sponsor and promote the mission of Hesston College. Limited funds are available by application. Applications should be in writing and presented to the campus activities coordinators. Each club submits an end-of-year report to summarize club activities for the year and help with future planning.

Junior-Senior Connector

The Junior-Senior Residential Connector is focused on building relationships among other upper-level students while also making intentional connections with the broader campus. Commuter and other students may attend events as guests. The Connector will plan 1 to 2 events per month and coordinate such things as jr/sr intramural teams and Bible studies. Email your ideas and questions to

Handbook 2023-24