Campus Tour Game Key

We hope you had fun playing the campus tour game! Along with the answers to the crossword puzzle, we have included a brief history of the various areas of campus and a video link to showcase our campus and programs. Enjoy your trip down memory lane, while also enjoying some glimpses of the campus today. As always, be sure to let us know the next time you are in town so we can give you a personal campus tour of the campus – it is beautiful!


1 Global Pathway

Just days before the official kick-off of the 2018-19 year, Hesston College unveiled a new campus feature – the Global Pathway. This pathway is a one-third mile sidewalk loop running between Erb Hall and Keim Center, formerly Northlawn. The pathway consists of light pole banners that highlight the many flags from countries and U.S. territories that make up our student body. This is just one way Hesston College is deepening their global engagement. “Being globally engaged is unquestionably what it means to be faithful followers of Jesus, and that’s what we are at Hesston College,” said Dr. Manickam. “We can’t sit unto ourselves, in our own bubble. Hesston College has something to offer the world, and we are being beckoned to engage widely. It’s the missional mandate of following Jesus.”

Hesston College Global Pathway

2 Erb Hall

Erb Hall is one of two dormitories on campus. It houses primarily female students in small groups called mods. Erb Hall is also the main hub for activity on campus, as the main floor is home to the Larks Nest snack shop, the bookstore and a sunlit atrium with booths where students can eat, play games or gather to visit. If your dorm room gets old, chances are there is something fun happening in the Erb Hall Larks Nest!

3 Kauffman Court

Kauffman Court (KC) is our main men’s dormitory, which is set up in modular style living units. Outside of the building you will find a courtyard, created by the placement of the three sections of the dormitory (A, B and C). You may overhear grads reminiscing about their KC mod life, saying things like, “You lived in 1B2? That was the zoo!” or, “I lived in C mod – the biggest and best mod ever!” An interesting fact about KC is that from a bird’s eye view the dorm resembles the shape of an H! Built in the 1950s and named after our second president, Milo Kauffman, this uniquely designed dormitory remains the home-away-from-home for the majority of our male students, and the starting point for many lifelong friendships!

6 Library

Mary Miller Library, housed in Smith Center, is the information and learning hub of the campus, offering many resources to students, faculty and staff. Along with being home to the library, Smith Center houses the Access Lab for student support, our Center for Global Engagement, the college’s archives and multiple classrooms. Located at the center of campus, you can almost always find students studying or relaxing in the Smith Center lounge area or renting bikes from the bike share program located on its front patio area.

7 BSN Center

Bonnie Sowers Nursing (BSN) Center was constructed in 2019 as part of the Be Greater campaign. This project included 10,000 square feet of new space and renovations to Lemons Center and Charles Hall. Named after emeritus faculty member Bonnie (Kaufman) Ac’65 ’67 Sowers, It is home to our bachelor of science in nursing program. Sowers led the Hesston College nursing program from 1980 to 2017. Prior to leading what has become the college’s largest academic program, Sowers was a professor in the nursing department, serving at Hesston College for 47 years.

Learn more about the program and explore the Bonnie Sowers Nursing Center for yourself.

8 Keim Center

Keim Center for Performing Arts Education, originally built in 1971 and named Northlawn, underwent a complete transformation in 2015 as part of the Delivering the Promise capital campaign. Named in honor of former president Howard ’72 and Tami (Birky) ’72 Keim, the facility is home to our performing arts programs. The Black Box Theater, practice rooms and classrooms are abuzz with the more than 50 students engaged with the performing arts programs. Bontrager Campus Worship Center is also housed within Keim Center. This space is a designated space for students to engage in student led campus worship and other ministry related activities.

Explore performing arts at Hesston College


1 Green Gables

There is an obelisk that stands on the edge of our new campus main entry in memory of Green Gables, the college’s first building built in 1909. This symbol of institutional history is positioned where the front steps of Green Gables used to be and includes a plaque that tells the story of this historical Hesston College structure. The new entryway and parking lot, which is home to the obelisk, was constructed in 2015 as part of the Delivering the Promise campaign.

Green Gables Obelisk

4 Airport

The Hesston College Aviation department is located at the Newton City-County Airport, two miles west of Newton. Aviation is Hesston College’s second program to offer a four-year bachelor’s degree. Currently, nearly 50 students take to the skies in our fleet of Piper Archer II planes. Total program enrollment includes students in all areas of aviation offerings – both the four-year and two-year professional pilot options, as well as the air traffic control program. Plans are in place to continue expanding and growing our aviation program through fleet and training device expansion, facility enhancements and designated recruitment staff.

5 Yost Center

Yost Center houses our recently renovated main gymnasium and team room. Thanks to the Be Greater capital campaign completed in the fall of 2019, Yost Center also offers a newly constructed fitness center, athletics office suit and a west entrance and lobby that serves as a welcoming front door to our community. Also a part of the Be Greater campaign was construction of the Bess Mullet softball field, located at the southeast corner of campus near the Bontrager Student Center. Be sure to cheer on Lark athletics this spring by watching our athletic competitions via live stream on the Larks website.