Disc Golf Tournament

The Hesston College Homecoming Tournament is our fifth annual homecoming disc golf tournament. It will be held on Hesston College’s course on September 23 at 8:30 a.m. Registration will be $20 per person with the exception of Hesston College students who may register for $10.

This tournament is a chance for the 2023-24 Hesston College Disc Golf Team to make their debut within the community. It will play as a scrimmage and a starting place for us to see where we are at going into the season. It is also a perfect opportunity to get to know the community members who support us so well throughout the year.

* As a distinction, there will be no cash payout for the pro division, instead we will be doing prizes for division winners.

Doug Unruh Memorial Course

Player divisions and entry fees

$10.00 – HC – Hesston College Students
$20.00 – MPO – Open
$20.00 – FPO – Open Women
$20.00 – MA1 – Advanced
$20.00 – MJ18 – Junior 18