Nursing Facilities


The nursing department is located within the Lemons Center/Charles Hall complex in the center of campus. This became the new home to the program in 1996 when Lemons Center was built and Charles Hall refurbished. A spacious, auditorium classroom provides comfortable seating for all nursing class sessions.


Students practice clinical skills in two nursing laboratories on campus-the nursing skills lab with two glassed-in units simulating specialty hospital rooms and a four-bed simulation laboratory developed during the summer of 2010. Students can practice total nursing care skills for patients. SimMan®, a computerized patient simulator model, and other simulator models (VitalSim® Nursing Anne, Kelly, Kid, Noelle Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator, etc.) provide opportunities to hone clinical skills and decision making in a safe, realistic setting using true-to-life patient scenarios.


A student lounge provides an on-campus home for students with lockers, kitchen facilities, and space for studying and visiting together. Nursing faculty offices and a central nursing reception/administration area are conveniently located adjacent to the student spaces.

Nursing students go to a variety of local health care agencies for clinical experiences. These range from community hospitals to large, urban medical centers-all located within 30 miles of the campus. Agencies currently utilized include Newton Medical Center and Prairie View Mental Health Center in Newton, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, McPherson Hospital, Wesley Medical Center and Via Christi Health in Wichita, and Schowalter Villa in Hesston. Other agencies provide population-based clinical sites.

Hesston College offers a caring campus community in a small town that is quiet and conducive to study. Commuting students find it a convenient drive from the nearby towns of Newton, Hutchinson, McPherson, and Wichita. The campus offers residential housing in a safe environment.