Carlota Ponds

Director of International Student Services
Phone 620-327-8210
Office Kropf Center

Affiliated Departments or Programs


  • B.A., University of California-San Diego
  • M.A., christian spiritual formation and leadership, Friends University (Wichita, Kan.)

In Addition …

Shortly after I began working here, I wrote the following set of haiku poems as my “2-minute introduction” in a staff planning meeting. I’ve added some explanation to help the poem be easier to understand. Haiku is a Japanese style of poetry made up of 3 lines, with 5, 7 and 5 syllables, respectively. 5 stanzas x 17 syllables = 85 syllables total

My Life in 85 Syllables

Sixties miracle
Fruit of my parents’ winter
I am God's surprise
My parents thought they couldn't have children and were happily surprised when I came along.

Puny little seed
Twice shriveled up like a prune juicy
I was very sick as a baby and young child. I almost died twice, but am very healthy now.

Spring - time of protest
No grapes, lettuce, gangs...DIVEST!
Speak truth to power
Despite living in a “bad” neighborhood in Los Angeles, I was blessed to work with groups advocating for the rights of migrant farm workers, for an end to apartheid in South Africa, and for an end to rivalries between gangs in Los Angeles.

Summer winding down
Wife, mother, grandmother, friend
But no longer child
When I married my husband, Larry, who is 12 years older than I am, I became a wife, mother and grandmother all on the same day. My mother died earlier that same year.

Hesstonian Lark?
Start here to, please stay!
Autumn's best...up next
The Hesston College tagline is “Start Here, Go Everywhere.” We first moved to Hesston when my husband was a student here. By the time he graduated, we enjoyed living here so much we decided to stay. We ‘started here’ but didn’t ‘go’ anywhere. Now in my 50s, I consider myself to be in the autumn season of my life.

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