Campus Stewardship Council

Mission Statement: Serve as stewards of the environment and work to develop sustainable facilities and practices.


  • Initiate, prioritize, develop and sustain stewardship activities, both curricular and co-curricular
  • Provide educational forums through which we can challenge and learn from each other
  • Serve as a sounding board and a clearinghouse for ideas
  • Partner with other institutions, organizations and individuals
  • Recognize individuals and campus-wide efforts and publicize areas of accomplishments

The CSC meets once a month for an hour over lunch. These meetings are open to any students, faculty, staff or administrators who are interested.

To be kept updated on current sustainability happenings at Hesston College, check out our Facebook page

For HC users, how does your printing compare to others and what is your environmental impact?

Recycling at Hesston College


  • Education: Promotes the infusion of sustainability principles into the formal curriculum and into Student Life programming.
  • Facilities: Analyzes consumption of water, energy and materials on campus and seeks to implement decisions that lead to more sustainable facilities and practices.
  • Action initiatives: Organizes special events on campus that draw attention to sustainability issues.
  • Communication: Communicates the activities of the Campus Stewardship Council and its sub-committees to the Hesston College community and to the public.