Tips for Using Less Paper

Tips for Using Less Paper


  1. Only print what is necessary.
  2. Check to see if additional editing may reduce the number of pages.
  3. Check to see that printer settings are correct before printing.
  4. Make copies for each “group” rather than each student/meeting attendee.
  5. Post electronic handouts.
  6. Make half-page handouts when applicable and print multiple copies on one page.
  7. Use “print preview” and make adjustments so that you don’t print an extra page with just one line of text.
  8. Use a laptop or netbook to take notes at meetings.
  9. Change margins to get more words on a page.
  10. Make double-sided copies.
  11. Hold paperless meetings, using a whiteboard or electronic copies.
  12. Use paper with a clean side for scrap paper.
  13. Opt out of receiving junk mail.
  14. In the classroom, allow double-sided assignments, allow students to hand in assignments online, and only print off reading material unless absolutely necessary.
  15. Recycle the paper that is used on both sides.
  16. Opt out of receiving junk mail.

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