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Kendra Burkey advises the Hesston College Horizon staff.

What I learned from Kendra Burkey

Kendra Burkey advises the Hesston College Horizon staff. In recent years, the Hesston College Horizon student publication has recognized departing faculty members by inviting students and employees to reflect on the impact these professors have made on their lives. With the COVID-19 campus dispersal in March and the impending departure of Horizon faculty advisor and […]

Hesston College communications interns

Interns get an early start in the professional world

Communications and graphic design majors at Hesston College are getting an extra leg up on their peers. Whereas most students don’t start building their professional portfolios until their junior or senior years, seven Hesston students are digging in and building their portfolios as freshmen and sophomores. The students earned competitive internships working with the college’s […]