Bluffton University

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Location: Bluffton, Ohio
Approximate undergraduate enrollment: 910
Student/faculty ratio: 12:1


Transfer articulation agreement

Bluffton University assures the acceptance of any Hesston College associate of arts or associate of science graduate and assures junior standing. All lower-level general education requirements at Bluffton are satisfied by either of these Hesston degrees. Some upper-level requirements may be satisfied as well. All other competencies, prerequisites and upper-level general education requirements must be met on the same basis as any other Bluffton student.

Check Box  Covers AA degree C Box Minimum course grade Check Box Satisfies lower-level gen ed
Check Box Covers AS degree 2.0 Box Minimum GPA Check Box  Automatic scholarship
Empty Box Covers AGS degree Empty Box Maximum credits transferred

Majors of Hesston College graduates at Bluffton

Bluffton Majors

Source: National Student Clearinghouse, 2000-2014

What courses should I take while I’m at Hesston?

Your first priority should be to complete all your Hesston degree requirements. However, some Hesston courses will give you an especially good head start at Bluffton:

  • RELG 214 Peacemaking and Justice: meets Hesston Responsibility requirement and Bluffton’s upper-level religion requirement.
  • SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II: meets Hesston Humanities requirement and counts toward Bluffton’s language study and cross cultural requirements (6 hours of foreign language).

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