Itchy Tag

Type: Mixer

Group size: More than 10 people (works best with large groups)

Equipment: None


  1. One-person needs to be selected from the group and is considered "it".
  2. People participating in the game should not know the person who was selected.
  3. The game starts by having everyone in the group shake hands.
  4. The person who is "it" scratches every person who he shakes hands with secretively.
  5. People who get scratched are considered out of the game and are not allowed to guess after begin scratched.
  6. Before the person leaves the game the person must shake hands with 2 more people before leaving the game after being scratched.
  7. People in the game are allowed to stop the game anytime to guess the person who is "it".
  8. If the person guesses incorrectly he or she must leave the game immediately.
  9. The game continues until there is one person left or until somebody guesses who is it correctly.
  10. The remaining person or the person who guesses correctly wins the game and then becomes the person who is "it" starting a new game.


  • Observe who others shake hands with and when they leave the game.
  • Encourage people to interact with one another as they move from person to person, shaking hands.

Critique:The game was a good mixer allowing others to interact with each other. This is an elimination game that limits peoples ability to participate.