Where have all the pastors gone?

Where have all the pastors gone? A Weekend College event

Face to Face and online all at once: March 25 to 26, 2022

The Itch:

Many congregations are looking for pastors. And not just any leader, but a good leader. But those pastors just aren’t there.

Where do pastors come from? And why do some pastors quit after only a few years?


Friday evening
Naming the Problem: What are the true barriers to cultivating people in their call? What are multiple interpretations of our problem? What keeps us from moving barriers? Why do you think we are hesitant to name our real barriers?
Saturday morning
Opening invocation – Biblical view of the Church
What is our part of the mess? What are the characteristics of how we do church and how do they cultivate an unhealthy pastor-congregational relationship?
Saturday afternoon
What can we do? How do we become more of a biblical church? We believe biblical church is developed through healthy relationships built on trust, respect and accountability. Here are some ways we can create a culture of active discipleship that rebuilds deep community in the church and fosters leadership.

The Price:

On site or online, includes lunch for on-site participants

  • $75 per person
  • $50 person if 3 or more come from the same congregation

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