Because we are devoted to creation care – Aspiration 4

Aspiration 4 - Devoted to creation care

At Hesston College, we aspire to be a global community devoted to Creation Care, where our physical and virtual spaces are welcoming, safe, accessible and environmentally sustainable.


  1. Create a campus master plan that enables the realization of Vision 2025, while also intentionally reducing the campus carbon footprint.
  2. Conduct a full audit of our campus safety practices and procedures, as it applies to both our indoor and outdoor spaces, in an effort to incorporate the needed enhancements that keep our students, faculty and staff safe, healthy and secure.
  3. Audit spaces with the lens of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in an effort to better welcome and serve our students and guests, while also showcasing the institutional value of sustainability and all the Hesston Experience has to offer.
  4. Ensure each student has equal access to the technology and space they need for educational purposes, community building and connection with nature.
  5. Devise a strategy for updating our housing options for students that addresses not only the preferences of young people today, but also their need for connection with the natural world.