Because we are built on integrity – Aspiration 6

Aspiration 6 - Built on integrity

At Hesston College, we aspire to be a global community built on integrity where faculty, staff, administration and board members are engaged in the constant improvement of transparent leadership, communication, mutual accountability and employee development.


  1. Nurture a campus culture that encourages and motivates all employees to participate in continuous learning that supports and reflects the mission and values of Hesston College by communicating opportunities for participation and funding resources.
  2. Welcome new employees and Board members with an onboarding experience that communicates the mission, message and operational structure of Hesston College and equips them with the resources necessary to fulfill their responsibilities as a valued part of the Hesston College community.
  3. Seek out and foster relationships with alumni, constituents and other external individuals and organizations, building a mutually beneficial network of constituencies engaged with the
    Hesston College mission.
  4. Increase collegial transparency and accountability by initiating specific formal and informal campus-wide employee communication systems that ensure timely and thoughtful information sharing and promote community.