Academic Opportunities

Read textbooks onto audiotape
Occasionally students do not learn well from written material, but can assimilate information aurally. Can be done at home, with equipment provided by the college. Requires good diction and articulation. Technical terms may be included, but can generally be soundedout without having a background in the material being read.
One-on-one tutoring
Students occasionally would benefit from extra individual attention to help assimilate lecture material. There are cases in which peer tutoring is not effective, requiring the availability of an older adult. Knowledge in the subject matter is helpful, but not required. If interested, indicate any preference or prior academic experience or education.
Group tutoring
A number of students enrolled in challenging courses (Astronomy; Microbiology; Anatomy and Physiology; and Environmental Biology) would benefit from being part of an organized study group. Persons with backgrounds in any of these areas are invited to consider attending the class lectures, after which a group tutoring session would be scheduled for those students needing extra help. That would include helping to “digest” the lecture material; identifying essential information for students’ notebooks; helping with preparation for exams; answering students’ questions to aid in their understanding both of concepts and specific details. This is a high-commitment assignment, involving at least a semester of attending lectures and leading follow-up sessions. If interested, indicate academic area.
Guest lectures or presentations in classes
The object is to identify a “speakers’ bureau” of persons who are available upon invitation to meet with classes to talk about a variety of life experiences relevant to the classes’ current focus. Being listed in such a directory would authorize an invitation to be extended as the opportunity arises, but would not imply prior commitment subject to personal schedule considerations. If you are interested, please indicate your area(s).

To express your interest in one of the volunteer positions above…

send an email to Bill Zuercher. Indicate which position interests you, Group Tutoring or Guest Lectures, for example. In the case of tutoring and guest lecture options, please include your preferences for and/or background in a particular field. Please include your name, address and phone number.