Library Opportunities

Do a “shelf read”
This assignment consists of examining every row of shelves, checking the numerical system to ensure that books are in proper sequence. Within a given number code, checking for alphabetical order is needed.
Affix “security target” stickers in noncurrent periodicals
Noncurrent periodicals need a sticker inside the front cover, both of individual issues and bound volumes, so that if any are removed without proper checkout, an alarm bell will sound at the library desk.
Unpack, organize and clean archival materials
In the process of moving to the new library within the past two years, a quantity of old, but valuable resources were boxed and stored on shelves. The contents need to be removed, cleaned, and placed on shelves in a secure area.
List outdated but valuable books for eBay sale
For someone interested in an Internet experience that could be done at home, this task involves taking the books that have value but not for us, and list them on eBay to see if there are interested and available buyers. Any sale proceeds would benefit the library’s budget.
Dust shelves and clean interior windows
Involves some “micro” cleaning that is not on the typical duty roster of employed cleaning personnel. This is a recurring need, requiring a few hours each time.

All of the above tasks can be done on a flexible schedule.

To express your interest in the volunteer positions above…

send an email to Bill Zuercher, indicating that you are interested in volunteering to help in the library. Specify which job interests you. Please include your name, address and phone number.