Hesston College Bachelor of Arts in Business Management approved

Debbie McAlister, director of Hesston College's School of Management, shares plans for the new bachelor's degree with students.

Debbie McAlister, director of Hesston College’s School of Management, shares plans for the new bachelor’s degree with students.

After years of planning and preparation, Hesston College’s Bachelor of Arts in Business Management has gained approval from the Higher Learning Commission of Chicago, Ill.

Hesston was notified on March 12 that the Institutional Actions Counsel of the Higher Learning Commission had voted to grant approval to the new program. With approval, Hesston College can begin promoting the program and enrolling students in upper-level courses.

“The BA in Business Management program is designed to prepare students for leadership roles and management positions within a variety of businesses and industries,” said Debbie McAlister, director of the School of Management at Hesston College. “Real-world experience, including extended domestic and international travel and a semester-long internship, sets Hesston’s curriculum apart.”

“We are so excited to offer our own innovative take on education in the area of business management,” said Dr. Brent Yoder, HC’s vice president of academics. “In addition to business students who will now be able to study at Hesston College for four years, our new offering is an enticing option for transfer students looking for a unique, globally-focused program. We can’t wait to enroll our first cohort of business management juniors and begin teaching upper-level courses in fall of 2021.”

The School of Management is the third department at Hesston to offer a bachelor’s degree. The college, which has historically offered associate degrees, now offers bachelor’s degrees in nursing and aviation – professional pilot, as well as certificate programs. Hesston also learned that the Higher Learning Commission now formally recognizes the college as offering a mix of associate and baccalaureate degrees. This change allows HC more latitude to offer additional bachelor’s degrees in the future.