A study of biblical prophets and Revelation available for community members

Michele Hershberger

Community members interested in ministry, church leaders and anyone with a general interest in the Bible are invited to join the Hesston College Prophets and Revelation course for the spring 2020 semester.

Taught by Bible and Ministry professor Michele Hershberger, the class meets on Monday night from 6 to 7:45 p.m.. The first class of the semester will meet Monday, Jan. 20 and the last class of the semester will be May 4.

The curriculum is focused on readings and discussions of scripture from the books of Jeremiah and Revelation. Participants are also allowed and even encouraged to bring their supper to the class time.

“The class functions as a symposium,” said Hershberger. “We eat supper and discuss the pertinent issues that rise from the assigned Bible readings and other books. We choose what is important to talk about, and many conversations go deep. There is an element of surprise to each session.”

Participants will learn the cultural and historical background of the prophets and the book of Revelation, how to read prophetic and apocalyptic genre and identify literary cues for interpretation to glean preaching topics and enhance worship.

“The course can serve as a refresher for pastors and Sunday School teachers on the prophetic books and the book of Revelation, give new ideas for sermons and worship themes and be the start for a new vision in a ministry setting,” said Hershberger.

The audit rate for Prophets and Revelation is $240. Financial aid is not available.

Interested participants should register for the course by January 15 by completing the online community application.