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Criminal and restorative justice being added as program of study

Criminal and restorative justice will join Hesston College’s list of more than 50 programs of study for transfer beginning with the 2015-16 academic year.

The program of study is designed to fulfill the first two years of a four-year degree in either criminal justice or restorative justice career fields. Course work will focus on the sociology of the field – the culture, history and philosophy of careers within the fields. Students will also have opportunities to observe and have hands-on experiences with professionals working in their areas of interest.

Career paths for students in the program could include human services for the criminal and the victim, law enforcement, corrections, paralegal, public safety and disaster preparedness, forensic science, security studies and technology and cyber crime.

The decision to add the program came after observing a clear increase in interest from students and prospective students.

Faculty members also note the program is being launched at a time when society is calling the efficiency of established systems into question.

“Recent incidents across the country show us that there are flaws within the system that could be changed,” said faculty member Dan Harrison. “We hope this program will help students recognize the ways in which they can positively and responsibly impact those systems and the people within them.”