El Cerrito partners with college for preschool fundraiser

Morgan Martin reads to students at Hesston College Preschool

Every Tuesday in November, El Cerrito Mexican Restaurant in Hesston will donate 15 percent of daily meal proceeds to the Hesston College Preschool Scholarship Fund.

“This event came about because I was looking for a creative way to keep our preschool scholarship fund replenished,” said Larisa Miller Lawrence, the Hesston College Preschool Director.

“I thought of El Cerrito because owner, Juan Gomez, has had a relationship with the preschool for some time,” Miller Lawrence said. “We discussed different options and he generously offered to donate part of meal proceeds. I was very excited about his offer and knew this would be a great way to raise money for the preschool and benefit his business.”

This is the preschool’s first year to offer a scholarship to families who would like quality early education experiences for their child, but may not be able to pay the full tuition cost. Last spring the preschool received a one-time grant for scholarships from the Hesston Community Foundation. The foundation encouraged Hesston College preschool to collaborate with others in the community to keep the fund going.

“Our hope at Hesston College Preschool is that all young children will have the opportunity to attend preschool allowing them to get a good start in life,” said Miller Lawrence.