Hesston College to offer Bible course to community

Hesston College Bible and Ministry instructor Michele Hershberger teaches Biblical Literature.

Community members interested in ministry, church leaders and anyone with a general interest in the Bible are invited to join the Hesston College Bible Department for a three-weekend course, Prophets and Revelation, during the spring 2013 semester.

The class, taught by Bible and Ministry faculty member Michele Hershberger, focuses on prophetic and apocalyptic genre and the books of Jeremiah and Revelation over three weekends – Feb. 1 to 3, March 1 to 3 and April 5 to 7. Participants can earn three course hours.

“This course offers church leaders and community members a way to connect and interact with young adult college students in a new setting,” said Hershberger. “The books of Revelation and Jeremiah have much to say for our times right now – in a sense, we live under a Roman Empire today – what does that mean for us?”

The first weekend, Feb. 1 to 3, will focus on the biblical prophets and their importance both in the context of their day and also in today’s church. The second weekend, March 1 to 3, will center on the prophet Jeremiah, apocalyptic genre and the background of the book of Revelation. The third weekend, April 5 to 7, will be a verse-by-verse study of Revelation, a book that carries prophetic themes and visions, and discuss how the book can be used in preaching and worship.

Participants will learn the cultural and historical background of the prophets and the book of Revelation, how to read prophetic and apocalyptic genre and identify literary cues for interpretation to glean preaching topics and enhance worship.

“The course can serve as a refresher for pastors and Sunday School teachers on the prophetic books and the book of Revelation, give new ideas for sermons and worship themes and be the start for a new vision in a ministry setting” said Hershberger.

Hesston College offers a variety of degree and transfer options in Bible and Ministry, including two-year degrees in Bible and Religion, Pastoral Ministries and Youth Ministry. Hershberger is excited to share this course material with the wider community and church.

For more information including pricing for the course, or to register, call the Hesston College Bible and Ministry office at 620-327-8290. An audit option for the course is also available as well as scholarships and grants for students considering the Pastoral Ministries program.