Personal Counseling

It is common for students during their college experiences, to bring questions or problems to the campus counselor. The first time away from home frequently raises questions about values, goals and life direction. Also, concerns regarding relationships with friends, family and significant others can surface during this time.

In talking over a concern with the counselor, feelings can be explored and options discussed. Often just knowing that they can have a confidential conversation such as this can help students sort through problems on their own. Students meet from one time with the counselor up to approximately six sessions. A variety of groups have also provided helpful formats for students to discuss issues of importance to them.

The counselor makes referrals to area mental health services if requested by the student or if longer intervention is needed. The counselor also refers persons who need evaluation for self-destructive or potentially life-threatening behaviors.

For information on counseling services, contact Julie Lehman at ext. 8238 (off campus dial 620-327-8238) or Dan Harrison at ext. 8159 (off campus dial 620-327-8159). Julie Lehman’s office is in Smith Center and Dan Harrison’s office is in Erb Hall.

Handbook 2013-14