Payment Plans

Payment Plan Options

A payment plan must be approved by the Business Office and payment made on the account each semester according to this plan before registration is finalized. Registraton will be expedited by receipt of payment according to the offered plans. Financial aid applications must be completed before the semester begins.

Fees for tuition, room and board and student health insurance less financial aid may be paid according to any of the following payment plans:

A. Prepayment Plan

Credit equal to 3.0% interest (per annum) is given on prepaid amounts. All charges are based on pre-registration fees less financial aid awarded. Any additional charges accrued are payable at the time they are incurred.

Full Year: For the entire bill paid on or before July 10, a 1.00% discount credit is applied to the AMOUNT PAID.

Fall Semester: For the fall semester bill paid on or before July 10, a 0.50% discount credit is applied to the AMOUNT PAID.

Spring Semester: For spring semester fees paid with the fall semester payment, a 1.00% credit is applied on the AMOUNT PAID FOR SPRING SEMESTER.

B. Regular Payment Plan

Fall Semester: Due and payable Aug. 1, 2014, prior to fall semester classes.

Spring Semester: Due and payable Jan. 2, 2015, prior to spring semester classes.

Students not selecting or failing to meet terms of other payment options will be placed on this plan, which is subject to FINANCE CHARGES as shown below (see Past Due Accounts).

C. Monthly Installment Plan

  1. The amount due will be divided into equal monthly payments with the first payment due no later than June 25, 2014 and the final payment due May 25, 2015.
  2. Monthly plan payments will be made by electronic transfer on the 5th, 15th, 25th or 31st of each month until account is paid in full.

Past Due Accounts

When payments are not made according to the agreed upon payment plan, a FINANCE CHARGE of 1.0% per month (12% A.P.R.) will be added to any account 30 days past due. Failure to make payment in full on the current semester account will affect continuing enrollment at Hesston College as well as the availability of transcripts.

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