Anabaptist Vision and Discipleship Series

Living More with More - AVDS 2020

Living More with More: Redifining the Good Life – Feb. 21 to 23, 2020

We live in anxious times. What truly is the good life and how do we get there? How do we redefine not only the good life, but church in such a way that everyone thrives?

The Anabaptist Vision and Discipleship Series is pleased to partner with Everence Financial, including Leonard Dow, stewardship and development specialist, and Colin Saxton, stewardship consultant and former general secretary of Friends United Meeting, along with Hesston College Bible and ministry professor Michele Hershberger as they help redefine the good life.

The weekend’s content will have interest points for all life stages and positions across Mennonite Church USA and broader churches and organizations, including youth to retirement-age and pastors to congregation members. Grants are available for clergy to attend at no cost.

Seminars will focus on understanding one’s personal history with money and resources, careers, hospitality, finances, generosity, trauma and economic injustice, health and wellness, and more. We are pleased to offer informal seminar tracks inclusively designed for students, pastors and Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters.

Also part of the weekend:

  • Information about the upcoming Fall 2020 launch of the Center for Anabaptist Leadership and Learning (CALL) – the new Hesston College ministry program that will provide Anabaptist theology and nurture missional leadership for pastors and other church leaders.
  • A reunion celebration of Hesston College Pastoral Ministries alumni.


In preparation for the conference, participants are encouraged to read the book A Christian View of Hospitality: Expecting Surprises by Michele Hershberger, which can be found on Amazon.

We ask participants to offer prayers, fast if appropriate, and intercede on behalf of the conference. We will include both TED Talk and group practice styles of learning over the course of the conference. May our work be one that will honor Christ and each other as all of God’s children.

Keynote Presenters

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