School of Engineering receives approval for international student admission into the Bachelor of Science program

Director of the School of Engineering Johann Reimer works with sophomore Jessica Raharjo in Engineering Graphics class.

Hesston College School of Engineering celebrates their approval to admit international students into the baccalaureate program beginning this fall. This status is granted by the Student Exchange Visitor Program of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It comes after a six-month approval process and joins the ranks of several other programs available on campus including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Bachelor of Arts in business management.

Educational institutions within the U.S. who admit international students must first receive approval through the I-17 immigration document. This process includes extensive paperwork and annual site visits to maintain status. Generally, there are additional requests for evidence to solidify approval, but for this program no requests were needed.

“There is a lot of excitement in our international partners for our engineering program,” John Murray, director of International Admissions said, “especially the focus on mechatronics.”

Mechatronics is new to Hesston College and brings an educational option that will help students meet the needs of the future. Mechatronics combines mechanical engineering, electronics and computer science into one discipline. Upper level classes will begin in August 2022.

Two international students have been patiently waiting in the wings for this approval. Jessica Raharjo, a student from Semarang, Indonesia, and sophomore at Hesston College, is looking forward to continuing her studies.

“It is awesome how the combined knowledge of these engineering fields can change the way people live,” said Raharajo. “Engineers make the world’s advancements happen.”

With an increased demand for mechatronics by both students and the needs of industry, this program will lead its graduates to be well positioned to meet their career goals. In addition, by bringing in students for this program from around the globe, all students are given greater transcultural opportunities.

Hesston College serves international students representing 21 countries, accounting for 15% percent of the student body. With the addition of the bachelor’s degree of engineering as an option for these students, the college continues to encourage further global diversity within its grounds.

“The approval of the engineering program is not only affecting my future,” said Raharajo, “but also the future of the people living alongside me.”