Anabaptist Vision and Discipleship Series

AVDS 2018 - Before the unthinkable happens: Confronting our role in injustice

February 23 to 25, 2018

Before the unthinkable happens: Confronting our role in injustice

How can we help communities be healthier so that fewer trauma-related tragedies happen? The 2018 Anabaptist Vision and Discipleship Series (AVDS) offers a hands-on process where issues of oppression are addressed and begin to be dismantled. Specific leadership strategies will be applied to race relations, gender inequity and economic injustice. Pastors, lay leaders and community participants from many faiths will ask tough questions and find hope for future work.

AVDS 2017 focused on how to respond to trauma-related tragedies as communities and congregations in faithful, responsible ways. This year’s conference addresses the underlying causes of human-made tragedies. We’ll raise challenging questions like, “What are some underlying systems of oppression that make the unthinkable more likely to happen?” “What does is mean to fight injustice like Jesus did?”

AVDS is pleased to partner with:

  • Kansas Leadership Center, Wichita, Kan., whose innovative approach to civic engagement will help to develop skills to clarify our purposes regarding these issues, begin outcome plans and impact our culture.
  • Teacher, author and activist Dr. Drew G.I. Hart from Messiah College (Mechanicsburg, Pa.), will strengthen our understanding of a biblical theology of justice around a broad range of cultural inequity in order to become faithful disciples and ethical believers.

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