Anabaptist Vision and Discipleship Series

Shane Claiborne

Not Just on Sunday

February 19 to 21, 2016

We’re rich, overbooked, comfortable. How in the world do we get ourselves off our collective duffs?

Isn’t this what we all want? Really? We want to be a 24/7 disciple; we want to make a difference; we want our lives to matter; we want—to be radical for Jesus.

But at the same time, we’re afraid. There are a lot of unknowns. It might cost too much. Perhaps it’s not so much fear, but a feeling of being numb. Stuck in a routine. We’re just too—comfortable—to do anything new.

And yet, we know something’s missing. There’s a joy that’s missing.

Join Shane Claiborne, Nes Espinosa and other fellow sojourners as we explore what it looks like to live a vibrant Sunday through Saturday faith. To live as if Jesus meant what he said and was talking to us.

Discover spiritual practices that empower us to change the world. Work at the balance of being and doing. Join a Saturday afternoon track and dig deeper into practices that bring transformation.

And find that joy, the deep joy of following Jesus. Every day.


Presenters and performers

Online registration is closed but those who wish to attend can register at the event in Hesston Mennonite Church.

Recommended lodging

Ways you and your youth group can participate in AVDS

Youth groups and youth pastors/leaders everywhere are invited to attend Not Just On Sunday, with ordinary radical and follower of Christ, Shane Claiborne. Claiborne spoke at the MCUSA convention in Kansas City last summer. Hesston College is pleased to have Shane give in-depth presentations on campus this Feb. 19 to 21. Join Shane and others to explore what it looks like to live a vibrant Sunday through Saturday faith and find that deep joy of following Jesus. Every day.

  • Youth groups are invited to the public session Friday evening, Feb. 19, at Hesston Mennonite Church (HMC), with a Q/A time for youth only following.
  • Youth and youth pastors/leaders who want to attend the entire conference Fri./Sat./Sun., can do so at the significantly discounted rate of $35 per person. A special seminar track is included for youth ministry and congregational life on Saturday afternoon along with the three Claiborne sessions.
  • Youth who come as prospective students for the weekend through the Admissions office will have the entire conference cost paid for (Call 800-995-2757 in advance.).
  • A limited number of Claiborne books are available for group study in January and February in advance of the conference.
  • Shane will give the Sunday morning Lenten message at HMC worship and groups may also attend at no cost on the 21st. A pizza meal for a small amount per person will be offered following the service for youth groups to attend to meet and talk with Shane.

Please let the Church Relations office know if your group will attend the Friday evening session, Sunday Worship with pizza or want access to Claiborne books in advance of the event.