Nursing Graduate Testimonials

A 2018 graduate receives his nursing pin.

Why Nursing graduates say they are glad they chose Hesston

Hesston College provides a person-centered, supportive educational setting in which students can gain confidence in their knowledge, gifts and nursing skills. Nursing faculty members are concerned about the education their students receive, and work with students on a one-to-one basis. Faculty members believe that an open, supportive relationship with students is the greatest asset of the Hesston College nursing program. Surveys show that Hesston College nursing alumni are very satisfied with the personal care and support they received from nursing faculty. Here are a few samples of alumni comments taken from recent surveys:

I chose Hesston to pursue my BSN because of both the accessibility and ease with which I was able to transition of the program. I was not looking for easy, but welcoming. At Hesston, I found an openness with which I was welcomed into a program with the full confidence and support of the faculty and staff; confidence that I could truly be successful in this, my chosen path. At Hesston, I gained mentors who supported and encouraged me endlessly in this endeavor. As a non-traditional student, I was delighted to find many opportunities for engagement and leadership in the nursing program, which I may not have been afforded elsewhere. I was encouraged to pursue topics pertaining to how nursing can positively impact change and support social justice. Never did I expect to find the potential for growth like I did during my time at Hesston. It has prepared my professionally, and grown me personally and spiritually. For this, I will be forever grateful. – 2017 BSN Graduate

Hesston College Nursing has felt like a home away from home. Faculty and staff have become family. I can sense a genuine interest in seeing nursing students succeed. – 2017 BSN Graduate

I had a brilliant experience in the Hesston College BSN program. The closeness of the Hesston College community, being valued as students, the excellence of the staff, the open-door policy, and openness to student input were appreciated. – 2017 BSN Graduate

I appreciate the professors and staff involved in the nursing program. It feels like family when I am here! – 2017 BSN Graduate