Transfer Student Prerequisite List

Liberal Education and Support Course Requirements
First Year Seminar or equivalent (1 hour)
College Writing I & II (6 hours)
Speech or Interpersonal Communication (3 hours)
General Psychology (3 hours)
Developmental Psychology (3 hours)
Introduction to Sociology or Sociology of Families (3 hours)
Humanities — two courses from two separate disciplines (6 hours)
Biblical Literature (3 hours)
Lifetime Fitness or elective (1 hour)
Principles of Nutrition (3 hours)
College Algebra (3 hours)
Elementary Statistics (3 hours)
Introductory Chemistry or General Chemistry I (4 hours)
Anatomy & Physiology (5 hours)
Pathophysiology (3 hours)
Microbiology (4 hours)
Plus General Electives (6 hours) – to bring total of above courses to 60 hours