Staff Anderson to Cole

Noreen Anderson, B.S.     Development
B.S., Bethel College, 1990
Hesston College 2014-
Larry Bartel, B.A.     Marketing and Communications
B.A., Bethel College, 1990
Hesston College 1991-
Megan Baumgartner, B.A.     Student Life
A.A., Hesston College, 2015; B.A., Goshen College, 2017
Hesston College 2017-
Karen Bender, B.S.     Food Service
B.S., Bethel College, 2001
Hesston College 1995-
Marlene Boese, A.A.     Academics, Registrar
A.A., Hesston College, 1981
Hesston College 1981-83, 1988-
Kim Borders     Food Service
Hesston College 2015-
Rick Borders, A.A., A.A.S.     Information Technology
A.A., Hutchinson Community Junior College, 1975; A.A.S., Hutchinson Community College, 2000
Hesston College 2002-
Angela Brockmueller, B.A.     Assistant Registrar
A.A., Hesston College, 1999; B.A., Goshen College 2001; A.A.A.S., Hesston College, 2013
Hesston College 2012-
Tony Brown, M.S.W.     Development
B.A., Goshen College, 1973; M.S.W., University of Pennsylvania, 1979
Hesston College 2000-
Karl Brubaker, B.S.     Business Office
B.S., Eastern Mennonite University, 1978
Hesston College 1986-
Suzanne Burch, B.A.     Aviation
B.A., Bethel College, 2001
Hesston College 2013-
Casey Cole, M.S.     Athletics
B.S., Southeastern University, 2011; M.S., Southern Nazarene University, 2016
Hesston College 2018-
Tim Cole, M.A.     Athletics
A.A., Labette Community College, 2010; B.A., Southern Nazarene University, 2012; M.A., Southern Nazarene University, 2017
Hesston College 2018-

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