Profiles of the Hesston Experience

photo of Dustin King

Dustin King

Hesston College has changed my life dramatically for the better. It’s been a great place to start my career.

photo of Kymee Noll

Kymee Noll

Hesston has helped me find scholarships in every nook and cranny possible. They’ve helped me find everything necessary to make sure it’s affordable.

photo of Sam Rimann

Sam Rimann

Knowing that Hesston is a two-year college has helped me keep my options open. It’s not a full four-year commitment. All the faculty help you process and decide what you want for whatever comes after Hesston, and then they help get you ready for whatever it is.

photo of Makayla Ladwig

Makayla Ladwig

When I heard that Hesston was a Mennonite College, my biggest fear was that there would be a lack of diversity. My first day on campus, I was relieved to find that Hesston College is a diverse place that is rare and beautiful. The diversity of the students and faculty has enriched my life.

photo of Joshua Landis

Joshua Landis

While all of my instructors have influenced me, my Bible instructors have influenced me the most. They have taught me so much about God. I have a much clearer theology now.

photo of Marissa Hochstetler

Marissa Hochstetler

So many real-world experiences are available at Hesston College. Sometimes you will be gently nudged into them, and sometimes you’ll need to search them out. When I started at Hesston, I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. I decided the end of my first year and by the end of my second year, I was doing an internship and getting experience in that field.

photo of Sydni Carter

Sydni Carter

The best part of my Hesston Experience is playing sports and being with my team. Being part of a team helped me meet a lot of new people and become really close with them in a short period of time.

photo of Jessica Graybill

Jessica Graybill

Being in Hesston’s nursing program and interacting with my instructors has reaffirmed my decision to become a nurse. Nursing is more than physical care; it allows me to be encouraged by patients. I hope I can be an encouragement to them as well.

photo of Hannah Weaver

Hannah Weaver

I knew there was something special about Hesston, but I was still looking around when I came to visit my senior year of high school. I sat in on General Chemistry class, and I remember the first thing the instructor did on entering the room was ask, “Are there any questions or problems?” I was sold. This was the kind of college I wanted.

photo of Redfa Titihalawa

Redfa Titihalawa

I came for a visit and everything just worked out for me to start here.

photo of Christina Hershey

Christina Hershey

Hesston is so welcoming and inviting to everyone on campus and always offers activities on weekends that makes the transition away from home very easy.

photo of Kush Lengacher

Kush Lengacher

The Hesston Experience is meeting people from different states, countries and backgrounds and taking the time to get to know students, faculty and staff. It is being encouraged to talk with instructors outside of class.
photo of Bonita Garber

Bonita Garber

Hesston was a new world for me in which I was diversely challenged and cognitively stimulated.

photo of Alex Leff

Alex Leff

Hesston College is the happiest place. You’re surrounded by people – students, faculty, staff – who love you and care for you. It’s a warm, supportive community it is.

photo of Jordan Tanner

Jordan Tanner

Instructors on this campus care about a students’ education and success. You know faculty care about you because you can see it through the coursework, meetings and conversations you have with them. It makes me want to work that much harder to make them proud.

photo of Matthew Lind

Matthew Lind

The largest spiritual development I’ve had at Hesston is the opportunity to be a ministry assistant. At the beginning of my Hesston Experience, I wouldn’t have pegged myself as a spiritual leader, but being recognized and asked to apply for the position was both an honor and a moment of difficult discernment.