Nursing Graduate Testimonials

Why Nursing graduates say they are glad they chose Hesston

Hesston College provides a person-centered, supportive educational setting in which students can gain confidence in their knowledge, gifts and nursing skills. Nursing faculty members are concerned about the education their students receive, and work with students on a one-to-one basis. Faculty members believe that an open, supportive relationship with students is the greatest asset of the Hesston College nursing program. Surveys show that Hesston College nursing alumni are very satisfied with the personal care and support they received from nursing faculty. Here are a few samples of alumni comments taken from recent surveys:

The sense of integrity is what I enjoyed about this program. The instructors help students with care and compassion, not with ridicule and sarcasm.

I valued the way faith was incorporated into nursing and the relationship between instructors and students.

Caring and compassion were taught and demonstrated by nursing faculty who showed us a personal touch throughout the program. I think this helps Hesston College nurses become more caring and compassionate in their practice, too.

A very strong point of the Hesston program is the art of nursing learned here. The art is relating to people. Positive interpersonal skills were demonstrated by faculty in relating to each other, students and patients. This is an aspect of nursing often forgotten in our high-tech world. I’m convinced that a smile, well-timed humor, a hand to hold, or a shoulder for a patient or family member to cry on can do more for healing than any pill or knife. It’s the ‘art of nursing’… it’s the art of Jesus.

Hesston College prepared me with excellent basic nursing knowledge that has allowed me to excel as a nurse. The faculty provided me with a strong foundation to provide holistic care. I often get compliments for my nursing practice and am asked where I obtained my nursing degree. I encourage the interviewing of Hesston College graduates at my employment agency because I know how well-prepared they will be.

I greatly enjoyed the nursing program and have never regretted my choice to attend Hesston College. It’s wonderful to have Christian nursing instructors teaching students how to ‘heal’ patients physically, spiritually and emotionally. I value all that I learned at Hesston and pray that I can be as good a nurse as I was taught to be.