One-year Curriculum Sequence – LPN to ADN (RN)

LPN applicants may qualify to receive transfer credit for up to 18 hours of the nursing coursework (the entire first year of nursing courses).

Hesston College will accept for transfer those courses that meet Hesston College course descriptions for the following requirements (if a grade of C or better was achieved):

Course (credit hours)

Anatomy & Physiology (5 hours)
Microbiology (4 hours)
Introductory Chemistry (4 hours)*
Pathophysiology (3 hours)
General Psychology (3 hours)
Developmental Psychology (or Human Growth & Development) (3 hours)
Principles of Nutrition (3 hours)
College Writing (or English Composition I) (3 hours)
Speech Communication or Interpersonal Communication (3 hours)
Humanities course (history, fine arts appreciation, literature, Intro to Philosophy or advanced foreign language) (3 hours)

*Chemistry requirement waived for students who have completed one year of high school chemistry within the past five years with a grade of B or higher.

Fall Semester Hours
Relg 100 Biblical Literature
3 hours
Nurs 205 LPN to RN Transition
2 hours
Nurs 200 Acute Care Nursing I (Medical/Surgical and Mental Health)
8 hours
Nurs 231 Clinical Pharmacology II
2 hours
15 hours
Spring Semester Hours
Nurs 202 Acute Care Nursing II (Medical/Surgical and Client Care Management)
8 hours
Nurs 290 Integration Seminar (elective for student meeting comprehensive knowledge base benchmark in Acute Care Nursing II)
0 to 2 hours
remaining course if needed
3 hours
8 to 10 hours

Nursing students are required to demonstrate math competency in dosage calculations through testing in nursing coursework.

Nursing hours = 37 to 39 (20 to 22 hours completed at Hesston College and 17 hours of advanced placement for LPN coursework)

General education and support course hours = 33 (minimum); 37 (maximum)

Total required hours = 70 (minimum); 76 (maximum)