Telling the Hesston College Story

Hesston College’s centennial celebration, “Living the Vision” was held September 25-27, 2009. A centennial planning committee planned a host of events and activities.

Now completed is a 100-year history, A School on the Prairie: A Centennial History of Hesston College, 1909-2009 by John E. Sharp, published by Cascadia Publishing House LLC.

The book and an accompanying DVD can be ordered from the Hesston College Bookstore online, or purchased on campus.

A School on the Prairie chapter titles
  1. Stakes on the Prairie
  2. Pennsylvania Prologue
  3. Vision for a School in the West (1903-1908)
  4. Founding: “Every Beginning is Difficult” (1909)
  5. Maintaining a School “in the Order of the Church” (1909-1914)
  6. Patriotism Without National Boundaries (1914-1919)
  7. “The Truth Shall Make you Free” (1919-1929)
  8. Dust, Depression and Determination (1929-1939)
  9. War, Serviced and Expansion (1939-1949)
  10. Negotiating Cultural Transitions (1949-1959)
  11. A Safely Progressive College (1959-1969)
  12. Reinventing Education (1969-1979)
  13. Educating More-With-Less (1979-1989)
  14. Enhancing Excellence (1989-1999)
  15. Start Here, Go Everywhere (1999-2009)