Program Highlights

Aviation as Mission

Hesston Aviation alumnus Loren Groff speaks at the 2011 Aviation as Mission
Hesston Aviation alumnus Loren Groff speaks at the 2011 Aviation as Mission.

Each year the Hesston College Aviation Program plans an event to bring alumni and students together to better understand God’s call on our lives and how that call translates to our careers in aviation. Several of our graduates return to our hangar at the Newton City-County Airport to share about their professional and spiritual journeys and how they live their faith through their work. In recent years speakers have included Roger Yoder, a captain with American Airlines; Kurt Neuenschwander, chief pilot for AirServ International; and John Reimer, a demonstration pilot for Cessna.

Mountain Flying

Hesston’s Mountain Flying course is an extended cross-country flight into the Colorado Rockies which offers students important experience in high altitude operations and familiarity with high altitude airports. The sights and flights are breath taking.


For those who are interested in a career in the airlines, this training is a must.

The Airline Training Orientation Program is an introduction to the Boeing 737, which includes flight in a full motion simulator in the airline training environment. A high altitude endorsement and advanced systems training are included.


The FAA’s Civil AeroMedical Institute in Oklahoma City offers a FREE physiological training in an altitude chamber and spatial disorientation simulator. A second day of training includes survival in arctic, desert and water situations.

Larks Rally

The Larks Rally is an annual flight skills competition among Hesston College Aviation students. Past events include Spot Landing, Flour Bag Drop, and Cross-Country Planning/Flight.

First Solos 2012-13:

11/12/13 Ashenafi Tadese Newport News, VA David Rudy
10/24/13 Ryan Smith Wichita, KS David Rudy
10/16/13 Trevor Natalini Oronogo, MO Bob Hunter
9/30/13 Alfredo Gimenez Wichita, KS David Rudy
9/27/13 Connor Rockelman New Holland, PA Kyle Albrecht
9/20/2013 Cody Miller Wellman, IA David Rudy
9/20/2013 Jeshurun Shuman Middletown, PA David Rudy
9/8/2013 Timothy Regier Fairview, OK Bob Hunter
9/3/2013 Kendal Slabach Brubaker Harrisonburg, VA Bob Hunter
7/19/2013 John Cernek Elton, LA Jesse Baer
7/1/2013 Micah Mashburn Marion, KS Kyle Albrecht
6/17/2013 Redfa Titihalawa Jakarta, Indonesia Jesse Baer / Kush Lengacher
6/2/2013 Jason Robinson Wichita, KS Daniel Kornfeld
5/6/2013 Sarah Telleen Haven, KS Travis Pickerill
4/24/2013 Jacob Pokorney Arnold, MO Kyle Albrecht
2/14/2013 Samuel Hinga Nairobi, Kenya Robert Hunter
11/29/2012 Jaecy Friesen Newton, KS Jesse Baer
11/3/2012 William Wyatt Rose Hill, KS Kush Lengacher
10/31/2012 Megan Cernek Elton, LA Jesse Baer
10/27/2012 Adam Unruh Marion, SD Kush Lengacher
10/27/2012 Chris Miller Linville, VA Jesse Baer
10/9/2012 Bryan Becker Hesston, KS Jesse Baer
10/1/2012 Chris Reed Mulvane, KS Robert Hunter
9/25/2012 Cee Cee Wingo Choctaw, OK Daniel Kornfeld
9/25/2012 Mason McMillan Ozawkie, KS Jesse Baer
9/24/2012 Joshua Decker Hesston, KS Daniel Kornfeld
9/17/2012 Charlie Hansen Mulvane, KS Robert Hunter
8/27/2012 Ryan Richter Moundridge, KS Daniel Kornfeld
8/22/2012 Peter Machutta Wichita, KS Daniel Kornfeld

Check rides 2012-13:

11/29/13 Denver Coblentz Commercial Pilot Amy Birdsell
11/9/13 Laith Hasan Commercial Pilot Daniel Kornfeld
11/9/13 Trevor Godshall Commercial Pilot Jesse Baer
10/19/13 Quinn Bowers Commercial Pilot Daniel Kornfeld
10/19/13 Jason Youngers Private Pilot Kyle Albrecht
9/14/2013 Redfa Titihalawa Private Pilot Kush Lengacher
8/29/2013 Rhett Imel Private Pilot Kyle Albrecht
7/30/2013 George Felix Instrument Rating Jesse Baer
7/19/2013 Laith Hasan Instrument Rating Daniel Kornfeld
7/19/2013 Jerry Jacot Multi Engine Amy Birdsell
7/11/2013 Tom Rybarczyk Multi Engine Amy Birdsell
7/10/2013 Trevor Godshall Instrument Rating  
7/2/2013 David Rudy Flight Instructor Amy Birdsell
6/29/2013 Kyle Albrecht Flight Instructor Instrument Amy Birdsell
6/20/2013 Justin Kyser Commercial Pilot Travis Pickerill
6/19/2013 Chris Reed Private Pilot Kush Lengacher
6/14/2013 Chris Miller Private Pilot Amy Birdsell
6/12/2013 Tim Clayton Commercial Pilot Dan Miller
6/6/2013 Charlie Hansen Instrument Rating Jesse Baer
6/6/2013 Cee Cee Wingo Private Pilot Bob Hunter
6/4/2013 Sam Hinga Private Pilot Bob Hunter
5/25/2013 Quinn Bowers Instrument Rating Daniel Kornfeld
5/25/2013 David Rudy Commercial Pilot Dan Miller
5/25/2013 Fritz Lehman Instrument Rating Daniel Kornfeld
5/24/2013 Bryan Becker Private Pilot Jesse Baer
5/16/2013 Adam Unruh Private Pilot Kyle Albrecht
5/15/2013 Emma Siegfried Commercial Pilot Daniel Kornfeld
5/15/2013 Tim Clayton Instrument Rating Kush Lengacher
5/3/2013 Mason McMillan Private Pilot Kush Lengacher
5/3/2013 Denver Coblentz Instrument Rating Jesse Baer
4/25/2013 William Wyatt Private Pilot Caleb Kandel
3/28/2013 Caleb Kandel Flight Instructor Amy Birdsell
3/28/2013 Robert Hunter Flight Instructor Amy Birdsell
3/25/2013 Taylor Spangler Flight Instructor Travis Pickerill
3/14/2013 Brad Zarembski Multi Engine Instructor Dan Miller
3/2/2013 Brad Zarembski Mulit Engine Dan Miller
3/2/2013 Chris Moyer Instrument Rating Sheldon Goerzen
2/5/2013 Kush Lengacher Multi Engine Travis Pickerill
2/5/2013 Jesse Baer Multi Engine Travis Pickerill
2/1/2013 Kyle Albrecht Flight Instructor Amy Birdsell
1/25/2013 Taylor Spangler Commercial Pilot Travis Pickerill
1/18/2013 Caleb Kandel Flight Instructor Amy Birdsell
1/17/2013 Ezekiel Lazaro Instrument Rating Sheldon Goerzen
1/17/2013 Devon Woody Private Pilot Daniel Kornfeld
1/12/2013 Micah Cusick Instrument Rating Daniel Kornfeld
1/12/2013 Emma Siegfried Instrument Rating Amy Birdsell
12/29/2012 Charlie Hansen Private Pilot Robert Hunter
12/20/2012 Kush Lengacher Flight Instructor Instrument Amy Birdsell
12/20/2012 Jesse Baer Flight Instructor Instrument Amy Birdsell
11/19/2012 Nick Weyers Multi Engine Travis Pickerill
11/19/2012 Jason Kosloske Mulit Engine Travis Pickerill
11/7/2012 Fritz Lehman Private Pilot Daniel Kornfeld
10/10/2012 Kush Lengacher Flight Instructor Travis Pickerill
10/3/2012 Matt Orth Multi Engine Dan Miller
9/29/2012 Kyle Albrecht Commercial Pilot Daniel Kornfeld
9/29/2012 Jesse Hubbell Private Pilot Robert Hunter
9/21/2012 Jason Losloske Flight Instructor Travis Pickerill
8/27/2012 Cody Shoniber Private Pilot Daniel Kornfeld
8/12/2012 Robert Hunter Flight Instructor Amy Birdsell
8/11/2012 Jesse Baer Flight Instructor Sheldon Goerzen
7/20/2012 Kush Lengacher Commercial Pilot Daniel Kornfeld
7/17/2012 Curtis Denlinger Instrument Rating Sheldon Goerzen
7/4/2012 Darin Widrick Flight Instructor- Instrument Daniel Kornfeld
7/2/2012 Caleb Kandel Commercial Pilot Daniel Kornfeld

Airplane Wash and Department BBQ

Students connect informally with instructors while beating the August heat by washing airplanes after the first week of classes.

Student Aviation Advisory Board

Student Aviation Advisory Board (SAAB) is the student-led community that leads activities and generates ideas.

Fly Larks Week

During Fly Larks Week, your first week as an aviation student at Hesston College, you’ll find yourself in a plane’s cockpit. We’re serious about training pilots, and we don’t waste any time helping students earn one or more of the certificates we offer!

The sky is the limit

More than 800 pilots have trained at Hesston College, and today many of our alumni fly or work for America West, American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Southwest, TWA, United and US Airways. Others are with national and regional airlines like Allegheny, Air Midwest, American Eagle, Atlantic Southeast, Horizon, Mesaba, Sky West and World Airways. Our Hesston College Alumni fly for dozens of corporate and charter companies, serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship and other humanitarian organizations, and work as air traffic controllers or in aircraft maintenance and avionics. They are flight instructors at major universities and schools of aviation, do aerial application, work as FAA inspectors, and serve with Medivac.

Hesston is just 30 minutes north of Wichita, the air capital of the world. Unique weather patterns make Kansas one of the best places to learn to fly. Students also travel west for training in mountain conditions.

Hesston’s courses are designed to set you soaring into an aviation career. After two years at Hesston, you will have had the opportunity to earn an Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Aviation and completed at least 60 college credit hours. Many of our graduates start out as flight instructors. Mission work, corporate aviation, aircraft charter, and air freight are other possibilities. You can also use your Hesston degree as the foundation of a bachelor’s degree in business, aviation management, aero-nautical technology or other specialties. Cooperating programs with four-year institutions offer ideal opportunities for Hesston graduates to complete their bachelor’s degrees.