Chapel and Forum Schedule


2 Prayer that changes us – Micah Hurst, campus pastor chapel
4 Chapel scattered – various locations and topics chapel
6 How do I deal with a breakup? – Julie Lehman, campus counselor forum
9 chapel
11 chapel
13 – Sophie Miller, Central American Study and Service program (CASAS) forum
27 Bystander intervention training forum


3 Rings of the Lordquick conversations, meet in the HMC Community Center chapel
5 Our faith journeys – Kevin Wilder, psychology prof, and Lorren Oesch, resident director chapel
7 Intuitive eating and radical acceptance: Making peace with food and body – Paula Miller, nutrition prof forum
10 Heroes of hope – President Joe Manickam chapel
12 God and justice – Micah Hurst, campus pastor chapel
14 Transcultural opportunities – André Swartley, English prof forum
17 Jesus is Lord so _____ is not – Micah Hurst, campus pastor chapel
19 Student panel on allegiance chapel
21 A Tale of two disciplines: Answering the call to ministry – Leonard Dow and Colin Saxton forum
24 faith story chapel
26 Ash Wednesday chapel
28 Severe weather preparedness – Jim Mason, director of Campus Facilities forum


15 What is chapel? – Micah Hurst, campus pastor chapel
17 Martin Luther King weekend – John Murray, dean of global engagement, and Carren Moham, associate academic dean forum
24 Thinking about the disease of addiction – Cody Beaton, addictions counselor forum
27 What stories do you tell? – Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg, director of the CALL program chapel
31 Ted & Co. forum


2 Advent – Moriah Hurst, pastor, Harrisonburg, Va. chapel
4 Christmas chapel chapel
6 A very CSC Christmas – Campus Stewardship Committee forum


1 Personal finance – Mitch Stutzman, Everence forum
4 Cultural experiences – Bible prof Michele Hershberger and junior DJ Kintigh chapel
6 Backpacks – Campus Pastor Micah Hurst and Campus Counselor Julie Lehman forum
8 Transitions workshop chapel
11 Church camps – sharing from students who worked at church summer camps chapel
13 Tweet the Bible – meet in the HMC Community Center chapel
15 Should I stay or go? – Julie Lehman, campus counselor forum
18 You are what you wear – Jesus and the Gospels class chapel
20 Dignity – meet in the HMC Community Center – Micah Hurst chapel
22 Words alive! forum
25 Rings of the Lord – quick conversations, meet in the HMC Community Center chapel


2 Faith stories – staff members Casey Cole, Terrance Jones and Ben Miller chapel
4 Restoring real courageous leadership one story at a time! – Susan Schultz Huxman, president of Eastern Mennonite University (Harrisonburg, Va.) forum
7 What is your top 3? – Jess Engle, pastor, Hesston Mennonite Church chapel
9 42 is the answer but what is the question? – Micah Hurst chapel
11 Callings – Paul Unruh, Mennonite Disaster Service forum
16 – Parables traveling performance group from Goshen (Ind.) College chapel
18 A year in China– Mackenzie Miller, HC class of 2018 forum
21 My faith – Tim Cole, baseball head coach chapel
23 To be loved for who we are – President Joe Manickam chapel
25 – Fine Arts students forum
28 Disaster Management summer experiences – sophomores Levi Geyer and Jon Voth chapel
30 Dignity – Campus Pastor Micah Hurst chapel


2 Anger – Mary and Mark Hurst chapel
4 Forgiveness – Mary and Mark Hurst chapel
6 Emergency preparedness – Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder, Hesston EMS Director Russ Buller, Disaster Management student Jonah Hoem forum
9 Rings of the Lord – interactive chapel, meets in Hesston Mennonite Church Community Center chapel
11 Fear – Dustin Galyon, men’s basketball head coach chapel
13 Transcultural opportunities forum
16 – chapel chapel
18 Can we be friends? – Jo Anne Mulatre and Cristal Guzman chapel
20 Ecopeace – Katie Schmidt, Dyck Arboretum horticulturist, International Day of Peace forum
23 Worship in music and Building identity – Micah Hurst chapel
25 – President Joe Manickam, Associate Academic Dean Carren Moham chapel
27 Homecoming Forum – Makayla Ladwig (class of 2015) and David Ladwig (2018) forum
30 Forgiveness – Ministry Assistants chapel


19 Belonging – President Manickam chapel
21 What is chapel? – Micah Hurst, campus pastor chapel
23 Academic services forum
26 Prayer – Micah Hurst, campus pastor chapel
28 Music chapel
30 Healthy relationships forum


Chapels are planned by the Campus Pastor to accomplish one or more of the following: build Christ-centered community, provide worship opportunities, inform students about Christian mission, and assist with the integration of faith and life.
Forums are planned by faculty and staff to create dialogue about a specific topic or idea.

All chapels and forums begin at 11 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Chapel takes place in the Hesston Mennonite Church Worship Center. Audio of past chapels is available by clicking on linked chapel titles.

DVD recordings of most chapel services are available for purchase ($5 for campus delivery, $7 for shipped copies) from Gary Oyer, director of Media and Instructional Technology Services.