Chapel and Forum Schedule


2 10-day give launch event – Campus Stewardship Council forum
4 Healthy relationships in the modern world – Dr. Joanne Davila, professor of psychology and director of clinical training in the Department of Psychology at Stony Brook (N.Y.) University forum


2 Return of the soft-boiled eggs – student-led worship team chapel
4 The potter and clay – Steve Fry, ceramic artist, Elk Falls (Kan.) Pottery chapel
6 Music department recitals forum
9 The other side of Africa – Lydia Jembere, Nebiyat Demissie, Meron Ageze (HC students) chapel
11 Creative celebration Chapel – evening chapel in Campus Worship Center chapel
13 Aviation as Mission – Mark Williams, Mission Aviation Fellowship forum
16 I knew God is real when… – stories from students, faculty and staff chapel
18 The human cost of the Syrian conflict – Dave Osborne, former Hesston College director of international admissions chapel
20 Words Alive! – student writing contest winners forum
23 One former Lark’s journey – Malcolm Mann, Hesston College class of 2015 chapel
25 Commissioning chapel service chapel
27 LarkFest awards ceremony – in celebration of student academic and extracurricular achievement forum
30 Integrating the rainbow – Jim Yoder, chemistry professor chapel


2 Embrace your voice – Rhiannon Sutherland and Heather Boswell, SafeHope, an organization dedicated to advocacy and support of survivors of domestic abuse forum
5 How are we doing? Time to stop and take a gut check – members of the HC community chapel
7 The silent epidemic – Mark Potter, former men’s basketball coach at Newman University (Wichita) chapel
9 Fake news: Know your facts – Marathana Prothro, Bluffton (Ohio) University communication faculty forum
12 The cost of being connected – Rob Ramseyer, v.p. of Student Development, and Julie Lehman, campus counselor chapel
14 Music department chapel
16 Sarah Thompson – generations fellow for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, Ga. forum
26 Holy Week: Reflections on the meaning of Jesus’s death & resurrection – students chapel
28 What’s your thermostat set at? – Jeff Jacobs, women’s basketball coach chapel


2 Severe weather preparedness forum
5 Life groups meeting – and chapel for those not in life groups chapel
7 Opportunity vs. hard work – Kyle Howell, baseball head coach chapel
9 HBPA concert preview – VOCES8 and Bel Canto Singers forum
12 Camp ministry chapel – Kevin Leary, Camp Friedenswald chapel
14 Singing God’s tune – Les Horning, Eastern Mennonite Seminary (Harrisonburg, Va.) mission/service chapel chapel
16 If my walls could talk: Observations of human behavior at Hesston College – Julie Lehman, campus counselor forum
19 Anton Flores chapel
21 Anton Flores chapel
23 Changing the way the Church views racism – Dr. Drew G.I. Hart, professor of theology, Messiah College forum
26 Ted Talks: The power of narrative to communicate Gospel truth – Ted Swartz, Ted & Company TheaterWorks chapel
28 Lent-themed chapel – silence, fasting or adding into life chapel


10 Opening chapel chapel
12 The rise of China: 15 slogans – Mennonite Partners in China forum
15 Martin Luther King Day chapel service (1 p.m.) chapel
17 Austin Mitchell chapel
19 What’s cool? Education, inspiration and entertainment in 2017 – André Swartly, English prof forum
22 Group work chapel
24 Panel on Life Groups chapel
26 Start Here, then what? – Transition workshops to prepare students for the workplace, service, higher education and beyond forum
29 Make sure you have help side – Dustin Galyon, men’s basketball head coach chapel
31 Our adoption stories – Psychology prof Kevin Wilder and freshman Madi Kauffman chapel


1 Words alive! forum
4 Hesston Hollywood Squares – Christmas edition chapel
6 Candlelight Christmas chapel chapel
8 A very CSC Christmas – Campus Stewardship Council chapel


1 What is a Mennonite Christian? – Kurt Horst, Whitestone Mennonite Church pastor chapel
3 Water – Disaster Management students forum
6 Magic Steve – Stephen Cabe, 2014 HC grad chapel
8 Conscientious objection: a retrospective – Doug Hostetter, director of the United Nations Office of Mennonite Central Committee, and Tran Quang Thien Phuoc, MCC-UN Office International Volunteer Exchange Program intern chapel
10 Reflections on the importance of mentors in my career – Jeffrey D. Byron, former California State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commissioner forum
13 HC grads studying at Northwestern College in Iowa chapel
15 Music department chapel chapel
17 Transitions forum forum
20 Sweatshop and child labor awareness fashion show – Elizabeth Eichelberger, Brenna Peters and Noah Yoder, students in Jesus and the Gospels class chapel
27 What is your natural sacred pathway? chapel
29 Connecting with God through your sacred pathway chapel


2 Do you believe in miracles? – Jeff Jacobs, women’s basketball coach, and Janay Jacobs chapel
4 Panel on current events chapel
6 A May term in Japan – André Swartley, English prof forum
9 What I learned from service – Jim Yoder, chemistry prof chapel
11 Speed dating HC chapel style – high-energy community building chapel
13 Westar and water use – Jared Morrison, director of Westar’s Waste and Wastewater division forum
18 “Is there something wrong with me? Probably not” – a look into one of life’s most challenging social questions chapel
20 Policy on tap: How Kansas water policy shapes our water use – Susan Metzger, deputy secretary, Kansas Department of Agriculture forum
23 Cesar Flores chapel
25 – Kevin Wilder, Bible and psychology prof chapel
27 Recitals – Music department forum
30 The parable of the sower – Dwight Regier, local farmer expert chapel


1 Be our guest – Heidi Hochstetler and Deb Roth, Student Success team members forum
4 Turning the other cheek part 1 – Michele Hershberger, Bible prof chapel
6 Turning the other cheek part 2 – Michele Hershberger, Bible prof chapel
8 Emergency preparedness – Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder and Fire/EMS Chief Russ Buller forum
11 In the name of love – Local service agencies chapel
13 Time for a reboot? – Rachel Swartzendruber Miller, vp of Admissions chapel
15 Understanding Title IX at Hesston College – Monica Miller, Title IX coordinator forum
18 Service and Learning: Eight weeks of summer internship – Disaster Management students chapel
20 All worship chapel – student team chapel
22 Start here, go everywhere – Joel Kempf, Hesston College class of 1997 forum
25 La Republica – music & stories of peace from Colombia – Daniel ’08 and Juan Moya chapel
27 A service of lament chapel
29 Building your cultural competence – Michele Hershberger, Bible and Ministry prof forum


21 Opening chapel chapel
23 Fixed points – Ministry Assistants chapel
25 Beyond the tin soldier – Dr. Joseph Manickam, president forum
28 Come find me! – Dustin Galyon, men’s basketball coach chapel
30 What did you think you’d hear? – Campus Pastor Todd Lehman and the Hesston College Chamber Orchestra chapel


Chapels are planned by the Campus Pastor to accomplish one or more of the following: build Christ-centered community, provide worship opportunities, inform students about Christian mission, and assist with the integration of faith and life.
Forums are planned by faculty and staff to create dialogue about a specific topic or idea.

All chapels and forums begin at 11 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Chapel takes place in the Hesston Mennonite Church Worship Center. Audio of past chapels is available by clicking on linked chapel titles.

DVD recordings of most chapel services are available for purchase ($5 for campus delivery, $7 for shipped copies) from Gary Oyer, director of Media and Instructional Technology Services.