Women’s Basketball Roster 2017-2018

Photo: Breezie Sims
Number: 40
Name: Breezie Sims
Year: Fr
Height: 5'10"
Position: F
Hometown: Wichita, Kan.
Other: Parents: Jim and Anita Hudson
Hometown: Wichita, Kan.
High School: Sunrise Christian Academy, Coach Terry Michael
How did you choose HC: My mom went to school here and I like the community feel. I also came to play basketball.
How will HC help you prepare for your future? This is going to help me make a better transition to a four-year university. It is just a stepping stone in my personal and career goals.
How did you become interested in playing basketball? My parents, mostly my dad, when I was in the fourth grade. My junior high coach Jim Egan pushed me to become better and essentially taught me what I know today. I play basketball because I have a love for the sport and it keeps me sharp physically, mentally, and even spiritually. You can also learn so much by playing a team sport.