Women’s Basketball Roster 2017-2018

Photo: Jessica Coffman
Number: 10
Name: Jessica Coffman
Year: Fr
Height: 5'4"
Position: G
Hometown: LaGrange, Ind.
Other: Parents: Paul and Shelly Coffman
Hometown: LaGrange, Ind.
High School: Lakeland High School, Coach Gary Myers
How did you choose HC: I decided to attend Hesston because of the Christian atmosphere and the high-quality nursing program.
How will HC help you prepare for your future? I plan on becoming a nurse and, with the education I receive here, I would like to acquire a job in a hospital ER.
How did you become interested in playing basketball? My parents got me involved when I was very young, and I have continued throughout my life. I love to play the game and that alone keeps me motivated.