COVID-19 information and updates – current CARES level Alert

Visit the CDC COVID-19 website for health and safety precautions.

Student Life – Residential Students

General Policies

  • All dorming students will have single rooms in order to allow for flexibility to return to online learning for a period of time and self-quarantine if needed.
  • Dorms will close for the fall semester on Wednesday, November 25, the day prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. At that time, courses will shift to asynchronous learning online for the last week and a half of the fall semester.
  • Student Life will introduce and enforce all policies related to COVID-19 described in this document: face masks/covering, cleaning, travel, etc. The student handbook describes this guideline, as well as the potential of a fine or dismissal if non-compliance becomes a pattern.
  • Student Life has added a quarantine coordinator to be responsible for creating a plan for incoming students (both new and returning) required to quarantine according to the KDHE mandated quarantine list. In addition, this person will be available to coordinate similar quarantine needs should COVID-19 surface on our campus later in the year. Quarantine coordinator is Angie Teeter,
  • Student Life and Academic offices will be in close communication regarding students who are symptomatic, in isolation, or quarantine. Both offices will notify necessary personnel on a need to know basis, abiding by HIPPA and FERPA laws (e.g. Academics will notify professors and advisors. Student Life will notify RDs, ARDs, RAs, HR office and parents of dorming students.)
  • Employee concerns or questions about a student’s health status may be made to the quarantine coordinator (through the Student Life office) or Academic office (both dorming and commuter students).

Face Mask/Covering Policy

Campus Visitors

  • Campus visitors will be allowed on campus according to the CARES level in which the college is operating under at the time.
  • Restrictions will range on a continuum from off campus guests are allowed in dorm spaces during open house hours to no off campus guests allowed other than commuting students.
  • Please refer to the CARES Levels of Concern for more details and to for which CARES phase is in place at the time of a desired visit or before hosting off campus guests.

Student Travel

  • Depending upon the CARES phase under which the college is currently operating, student travel may be monitored.
  • During varying times of alert, dorming students may be asked to sign out for overnight visits, stay within the Harvey County boundaries, or remain on campus until the level of alert is relaxed according to local health authority guidance.
  • If a student travels to an area of widespread COVID, they may be asked to self-quarantine for a period of time upon their return. Resident directors are to notify the quarantine coordinator or VP of Student Life with any student travel concerns.
  • Students who choose to go home at the end of the in-person learning period at Thanksgiving may not return to the dormitories after the holiday for any reason.
  • Students who are notified by any person, mass transit company or any health authority about possible exposure to COVID-19 are responsible to tell the VP of Student Life so quarantine protocols may be put into place. This will be included in the assessment of risk agreement as well as the Hesston College Lark Commitment.


  • Chapel attendees will be divided into 10 chapel houses of 25 people in each group in order to gather together for community worship and spiritual formation activities, while honoring social distancing and maximum group size guidelines. Each group will be facilitated by employee and student leaders who will guide the group in a plan provided by the campus pastor.
  • An online chapel activity will be offered to students on Moodle each week.
  • Academic Forums will be offered to students on Moodle each week.
  • Chapel/Forum requirements will be 24 per semester for the 2020-21 academic year. 10 of the 24 must be through Chapel House attendance unless CARES level decisions impact ability to meet together in this way.

Mod Parent Program Adjustments

  • RAs are encouraged (but not required) to ask employees to be mod parents this year and are asked to refrain from visiting mod parents in their homes.
  • Rather than an on-site meeting, a large group virtual meeting will take place with all mod parents and the Student Life team. Individual Google Meet calls will be scheduled between mod parents and RAs upon their return to campus.
  • Mod parents are encouraged to share pre-packaged treats with their mods, rather than homemade ones which are more difficult to distribute.
  • Creative suggestions to reach out to each other include virtual visits, watching live stream events or arranging a brief outdoor meeting such as a park or the arboretum.