Letter to Dorming Students – March 19

Dear DORMING student,

This email is for all dorming students, whether checking out, checking in or part of the student group who has been here over break. Please read carefully to gain information you need for your particular situation. Note there are several different phone numbers included in this email – please be mindful of which phone number to use for various reasons.

As per the email communication yesterday, online learning will continue through the end of the semester. This means that most dorming students will need to check out of the dormitories and get their belongings in the next three days. As President Manickam explained, students who have legitimate reasons to be on campus to finish their coursework or who are unable to travel home, such as aviation students and international students respectively, will be able to stay on campus for the remainder of the year.

If you need to stay on campus due to the reasons described above or have a situation that makes staying on campus important, please talk to Deb Roth, VP of Student Life to discuss your request. Deb can be reached at 620-327-8236.

For students checking out of the dorms:
To avoid a situation of risking the health of others, we are REQUIRING the following procedures for checking out of the dormitories. Please read carefully.

  1. Call Brenda at 620-327-8235 to arrange for a 2-hour pack up time slot with a check-out procedure at the end. This is important so we can monitor how many students in each mod are checking out at once. Not doing so creates the type of health risk we are trying to avoid.
  2. If anyone in your circle of connections has any symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or has been exposed to COVID-19, notify Student Life at the number above to delay your move and your check-out date.
  4. Pack up times are as follows: Friday 3/20 noon to 8 p.m., Saturday 3/21 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday 3/22 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  5. Upon arrival to campus, call the Student Life Office at 620-327-8234 so we can meet you at a designated location. (Your key will not work to enter either Erb or KC.)
  6. During your time on campus, only enter your mod area and stay away from common areas such as the Larks Nest, Erb Basement, etc. Observe the 6 ft social distancing rule with others during your time on campus.
  7. Each student is allowed a maximum of two persons to assist in the pack up process. Do not plan on the help of any other students. Storage is available for those of you who would like to store large items. Please tell Brenda of your need for storage when you call for a check out time slot.
  8. IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO PACK UP YOUR ROOMS DURING THIS TIME PERIOD, call Deb Roth, VP of Student Life at 620-327-8236 to discuss your plans for checking out of your room. If this 3-day window is impossible for you, please call so we can talk through your specific circumstance and develop a timeline that would be doable./li>

If you are approved to stay on campus for the rest of the semester and did not stay on campus during spring break, please follow these steps:

  1. Call Brenda at 620-327-8235, before you arrive on campus, to schedule a screening time. You will not be able to enter the dorms until you are screened.
  2. If anyone in your circle of connections has any symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or has been exposed to COVID-19, notify Student Life at the number above to delay your arrival and check-in to a time that does not put you at risk in any way.
  3. Upon arrival at your designated time, call the Student Life Office at 620-327-8234 so we can meet you at the Bontrager Student Center Entrance (nearest the dining hall) for screening.
  4. At that point, next steps will be determined regarding lodging based upon the screening results.
  5. What to expect if you return to live on campus: KC residents will be required to transition to a different mod to allow for more efficient utility use and supervision. After hours activity will be limited as the dorms will lock at 11 p.m. each night. Dining Services will provide continental breakfast, lunch and supper with seating in accordance with the social distancing protocol in place. We will work together to build community in an online environment (and pray for some lovely spring weather, both for flying and outdoor activity)!

As you prepare to resume classes online on Monday, be sure to read through the Academic FAQ page on the college’s website.

Ultimately, the goal is for as many students as possible to return to campus, retrieve their belongings and check-out of the dorms. However, we certainly do not want to risk your health or the health of others in doing so. If your region, broader community or family has had a direct impact from COVID-19, please call Deb Roth, VP of Student Life at 620-327-8236, in order to delay the check-out process for a later time that is safer for all involved.

It is heartbreaking that the campus checkout process has to begin two months early, but please know that we are still here to support you in your academic endeavors, with your mental health, your spiritual health, and any other way we can. Reach out to your RDs, RAs, friends and professors. We are still community.

If you have questions that do not involve scheduling a checkout or arrival time, please contact Deb Roth at 620-327-8236 or debr@hesston.edu.

Deb Roth
Vice President of Student Life
debr@hesston.edu, 620-327-8236 (office)