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Illness Protocol for Dorming Students

Summary: It is imperative that we have open communication between Student Life staff, students, advisors, professors and coaches regarding students’ health status, so we can do our best to not only care for each of them, but also keep the rest of the campus as healthy and safe as possible. Because the virus spreads so quickly, we must be responsible and diligent so it does not negatively impact our ability to serve students and reach academic goals.


If a dorming student experiences new onset of one or more of these symptoms and knows of a potential source where they may have been exposed to COVID-19: cough, difficulty breathing, fever of 100.4 or above, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue or new loss of taste or smell, he/she must contact an RD or ARD, who will help them make an appointment in the campus testing center. The quarantine coordinator will also be notified and will assist as she is able.


  • Regular Google Meet meetings will be scheduled and include the following: Human Resources, VP of Student Life, both resident directors, quarantine coordinator and athletic trainer.
  • Lark by Lark Early Alert system will be used to report students who test positive or have a known exposure.
  • Academics will follow up with professors. (Students are also asked to notify their professors.)
  • Student Life will coordinate necessary testing for all on-campus students.
  • The quarantine coordinator will arrange housing and meals as deemed necessary for students in isolation and quarantine.

Transportation to appointments for dorming students will be provided by an RD, ARD, athletic trainer or quarantine coordinator, possibly using “Car B” (keys in keybox in Student Life). Masks will be worn by all persons. The student should be in the back seat of the vehicle. There will be a disinfecting solution in the car to use afterwards. The driver should change clothes upon return to campus and launder them in hot water as soon as possible.

Next steps

If the test results are negative:

  • No further action is required and the student may return to their dorm room, resuming normal activities when they feel well again.

If the test results are positive:

  • The campus testing center will report the results to the Harvey County Health Department (HCHD), as well as our documentation for the contact tracing process. The HCHD will communicate with the positive case with official isolation dates.
  • He/She will be isolated as soon as a positive test result is received. The student will be given the choice to isolate on campus or return home, if local.
  • Students with whom the COVID-positive person has had contact will also be notified by quarantine coordinator. Emergency contacts listed on the student’s health form will be notified by the Student Life department.
  • The COVID-positive student should list with whom theyStudents have been in contact in the 48 hours prior to symptoms without wearing a mask, within 6 feet and for longer than a total time of 10 minutes in a 24 hour time frame.
  • The quarantine coordinator will alert contacts of this exposure to COVID and they will be required to quarantine in their rooms. Students will be required to attend classes virtually until required quarantine is completed for a period of time based upon the last date of viral exposure. Lark by Lark Early Alert System will be used to notify the associate academic dean, on-campus job supervisor, current faculty, academic advisor and coach (if an athlete). Students in quarantine are responsible to notify their emergency contacts of their status. Emergency contacts are welcome to reach out to student life with questions.

Notifications regarding isolation and quarantine may include Dining Services, associate academic dean, RA of students involved, coach, manager for on-campus job and academic advisor (especially commuting students). Details of the notification should be on a “need to know” basis, being careful to observe FERPA and HIPPA guidelines.

Campus announcements of any positive cases will come through Deb Roth, VP of Student Life, as requested by local health authorities and in compliance with the Clery Act.

Return to learn policy for COVID-19 cases

  • Students with positive COVID-19 may return to class after 10 days and/or symptom free for 72 hours.
  • Students with COVID-19 exposure may return to class after 10 days of quarantine if no symptoms surface during this time. Student may also arrange a PCR test in the campus testing center on Day 6, and if negative, end quarantine after Day 7.


If you know of any student who is admitted to the hospital for any reason, both the Academic and Student Life Offices should be notified to be sure they are aware.