COVID-19 information and updates – current CARES level Alert

Visit the CDC COVID-19 website for health and safety precautions.

HC-sponsored Student Travel Guidelines


The health and safety of all students and employees is a priority, especially during this time of COVID-19. While travel is generally discouraged during this time, situations may arise for travel, including field trips, fine arts performances, etc. It is with these opportunities in mind that the following guidelines have been created. These same guidelines are in compliance with those issued by the athletic governing bodies to which Hesston College belongs (KJCCC and NJCAA). The CARES levels allow college-sponsored student travel in levels C, A and R; however, no overnight travel is allowed in level R.

The following guidelines may be subject to change in response to new information about best practices or a changing public health landscape.

Travel Guidelines for College-sponsored Trips:

  • As the CARES document states, college-sponsored travel must be approved by a manager on a case-by-case basis.
  • KN95 masks must be worn in vehicles at all times. (Masks are available by request from the Athletic Training office, ext. 8317.)
  • Van occupancy is limited to 10. Car occupancy is 4.
  • No meals may be eaten in vehicles.
  • Students, staff and faculty on college-sponsored trips may not eat in restaurants. They may purchase food by drive-through or pick-up and eat at a local rest area or park. Social distancing rules are to be observed.
  • Overnight stays are permitted up to two nights. Each student must have their own bed.
  • Groups must have a procedure in place to isolate a student upon return should someone begin showing symptoms of COVID-19. (E.g. the back seat of a van or car.)
  • The following recommendation is for groups meeting regularly throughout the semester to decrease the number of contacts should someone become ill during travel:
    • Form pods of 4-5 for practices/classroom seating arrangements.
    • When traveling, assign pods to sit in adjoining seats. These assigned seats should be observed for the whole trip.
    • Hotel roommates must come from the same pod.
    • Socially-distanced meals should have pod members closest to each other.