FAQ – Student Life

What if my arrival time is not during the 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. testing window on January 11?

Contact the Quarantine Coordinator at 913-406-2629 to arrange a time. If your arrival time is after midnight, you may be asked to find an alternate place to spend the night (NOT IN THE DORMS) until the lab opens the following day so plan accordingly.

What if I had COVID over Christmas break?

Be able to share dated documentation of your positive COVID test result upon arrival. Otherwise, you will need to be tested.

What if I test positive upon arrival?

You will be asked to isolate at a local hotel or return home if local. Meals will be arranged for anyone staying in town.

The CDC has recently announced that booster shots are needed. What is the college requirement?

We highly recommend that all individuals who need a booster get one and we will assist however we can to help students get the booster they need. Having a booster will guarantee that you will not have to quarantine if you are exposed. Please submit an updated image of your vaccine card to studentlife@hesston.edu.

How do I share my vaccine status with Hesston College?

Sharing your status is part of updating your student health form on the student checklist on myHesston. If you have any difficulty uploading an image of your card, contact your admissions counselor to assist. If you get the recommended COVID booster, please submit an image of your updated card to studentlife@hesston.edu.

Do I need to bring a mask?

Everyone should have a supply of face masks. Students who are not vaccinated are expected to wear masks when in the presence of others, unless they are outside and distanced.

Currently, Harvey County is experiencing a high COVID transmission rate and both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are required to wear face masks when in indoor public spaces in the presence of others. For students, this means while standing in the dining line until seated, in classrooms including the library, in chapel/forum and when traveling in college vehicles.

(See the latest county transmission rates using the CDC Covid Data Tracker).

If I choose not to get a vaccine, can I still come to Hesston College?

The college is not requiring the vaccine but IS requiring that you share your vaccine status and an image of your vaccine card. Students with on-campus employment are also required to be vaccinated or be tested weekly.

Will I need a vaccine to participate in athletics?

Current conference guidelines do not require the vaccine. However, athletes who are not vaccinated will have to be tested for COVID-19 prior to competitions and are required to wear masks for travel. If an athlete has had COVID within the past 6 months, they will not have to participate in surveillance testing.

Who will see my vaccination status?

Only Hesston College employees who need to will be able to see an individual student’s vaccination status. This includes professors, coaches, residence life staff and fitness room staff, for example.

Will students who are not vaccinated room with students who are vaccinated?

Since vaccination status of students was not available when dorm placements were made, it’s possible that an unvaccinated individual was paired with a vaccinated one. We encourage all students to share their vaccine status with their roommates in case a change needs to be made. Please contact the Student Life office for more information at brenda.wenger@hesston.edu or call 620-327-8235

Am I required to have a roommate?

Typically, first-year students are required to have roommates. This year as a COVID accommodation, any student may pay for a single room for a fee of $850/semester.

I already had COVID-19. Do I still need to be vaccinated?

Studies have shown that those who have had COVID still need to be vaccinated to have adequate protection from the virus, especially if it has been 6 months since a positive test result.

How do I get a waiver for being vaccinated?
Since we aren’t requiring the vaccine, you don’t need to complete a waiver process. However, if you have a medical reason to not wear a mask, please fill out this accommodations request form and submit it as instructed.

What happens if a dorming student gets sick?

If a student shows symptoms of COVID-19, they will contact their resident director or academic advisor and arrange for a COVID-19 test as soon as possible. Students who test positive will be isolated at home if local or at a hotel off campus and are expected to pay for this expense. Illness protocol for dorming students

What if a student is exposed to COVID-19?

Students who are on a contact list of someone who tests positive for COVID-19 and have not received a COVID booster will be required to quarantine. This may be in their room if they have a single room, at home if they are within a reasonable driving distance, or in a mod designated for quarantine.

If I don’t get the vaccine, will there be certain things I can’t participate in?

It’s possible that internships, clinical sites, field experience placements or cross cultural experiences will require the vaccine for students who participate.

Since I come from a country on the CDC travel list, will I have to pay for my quarantine upon arrival?

If you are not vaccinated, students will need to quarantine for 7 to 14 days. However, the college will cover the cost of quarantine if you choose to utilize our quarantine resources. For students from geographic regions in which they are required to quarantine, their 7 to 14 days begins the day after they arrive in Kansas. Symptoms are monitored daily for 7 full days. If you have no symptoms during this time frame, on or after day 5, you may get a PCR test. If the test is negative, and you remain symptom-free, you can be removed from quarantine on or after day 8. We hope that most of these students will complete their quarantine in time for them to fully engage with their orientation activities, including student life, academic and/or athletic in nature.

How do I stay informed about plans for spring 2022 as it relates to COVID-19?

Check back on the HC website for the most up to date information at COVID-19 Response.