COVID-19 information and updates – current CARES level Cautious

Visit the CDC COVID-19 website for health and safety precautions.

FAQ – housing, meals, employment, campus life

Note: This is a complex, challenging and fluid situation which continues to change quickly. All information is subject to change as deemed necessary by college administrators in accordance with guidance and recommendations issued by federal, state and local public health and government officials.


Will I have to pay extra if I come for the 14-day quarantine?

No. The college will cover the cost of quarantine if you choose to utilize our quarantine resources.

If I am from a state with widespread cases of COVID, what if I decide to self-quarantine in another state? What do I need to do?

It will be important that you communicate your plans to your coach (all athletes), Student Life office (returning non-athletes), or Admissions office (new non-athletes). You may be required to “drop a pin” several times during your quarantine in order to document your location.

What if I am unable to arrive 14 days prior to my scheduled arrival date?

For students from geographic regions in which they are required to quarantine, their 14 days begins the day after they arrive in Kansas. We hope that most of these students will complete their 14 day quarantine in time for them to fully engage with their orientation activities, including student life, academic, and/or athletic in nature. However, if that is not possible, we will work with each student during their 14-day quarantine so they may participate online with as many of the activities as possible, including class sessions, if needed.


Since the time I am able to live on campus during the fall semester is shortened by a week and a half, will I receive a room and board adjustment?

No. Because of the decision to offer single, private rooms at no additional cost, along with other increased expenses Hesston College is incurring to maintain a healthy and safe learning and living environment, the college will not make any adjustments to per-semester room and board charges. Published room and board charges reflect the cost of maintaining the safest possible environment during this time of COVID-19.

I get the reason for single rooms but won’t we have to share bathrooms?

Yes, we do have shared bathrooms; however, the time spent in bathrooms is short compared to time spent in dorm rooms. Local health officials approved our plans for 12 or fewer people to share a bathroom space, providing that disinfecting takes place before and after each use. In addition, there will be limits on how many residents can use the bathroom at one time.

I am living in one of the on-campus houses. Why don’t we have single rooms?

Upper level students who are living in Main Street House or the President’s House are from a cohort of aviation or nursing students. Because they already learn and work together, it is safe for them to share room spaces. In addition, the numbers of residents sharing bathroom facilities are 4 or fewer.

Face masks

Do I really have to wear a face mask? What is the face mask policy?

Yes, the face mask policy requires all employees and students wear a face mask when in a shared space or when encountering people within a 6-foot radius of yourself, indoors or outdoors.This includes: shared public areas such as foyers, break rooms, elevators, hallways, offices, public restrooms, classrooms and other meeting spaces. Masks will also be worn outdoors in conversations between two or more people who are not able to maintain proper physical distancing.

Will face masks be provided?

Hesston College will provide one reusable face mask to each student upon their Opening Week arrival to campus. We suggest that you bring several more reusable face masks. Reusable face masks will also be available for purchase in the Hesston College Bookstore for about $5.

Other health-related topics

Do I have to get a flu vaccination in the fall?

Because flu symptoms are similar to COVID-19 symptoms, we are going to make a concerted effort to have all campus community members receive the flu vaccine. Exceptions will be made for students who have a medical reason to not receive the vaccine. No student has to get the flu vaccine, but it is highly recommended.

What is the online pre-screening form and when should I complete it?

The pre-screening form will be a part of your myHesston checklist. It asks you to provide a general state of your health and interaction with others over the last couple of weeks. The form should be completed one week prior to your arrival on campus.