COVID-19 information and updates – current CARES level Alert

Visit the CDC COVID-19 website for health and safety precautions.

FAQ – Academics

Note: This is a complex, challenging and fluid situation which continues to change quickly. All information is subject to change as deemed necessary by college administrators in accordance with guidance and recommendations issued by federal, state and local public health and government officials.

What will the format be for classes in fall 2020?

Hesston College expects to welcome students back to campus in fall 2020. A mix of face-to-face and virtual teaching will be utilized to provide flexibility in order to adapt to changes in health and safety guidelines. Faculty will communicate specific plans to their students for how their courses will be conducted at the beginning of the fall semester.

Will physical distancing occur in classrooms?

Classes will be structured to abide by the current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for physical distancing. The college has calculated the number of students which can be allowed in each classroom and meeting space in order to maintain a physical distance of six feet. Therefore, some classes will have reduced capacities or be in larger classrooms.

Will face coverings/masks be required in classes?

According to current scientific evidence, wearing a face covering/mask over the mouth and nose slows the spread of the virus. Although classrooms will be structured to allow for appropriate physical distancing, faculty and students will be required to wear face coverings/masks over the mouth and nose while in classrooms. Faculty will be provided with clear face coverings/masks for special communication circumstances.

How will classrooms and other public places be cleaned and sanitized?

To keep our Hesston College community as safe as possible, classrooms and public places will be cleaned and sanitized regularly with disinfecting agents. This includes high touch areas, residence hall common areas, dining halls, etc. Students will be provided with disinfecting wipes upon entering classrooms to wipe down their desks and hand sanitizer stations will be installed at all building entrances and in classrooms.

How are faculty being prepared for teaching for fall 2020?

Faculty have been working consistently throughout the summer to prepare for the new reality of classes in fall 2020. A special consultant has been employed to help Hesston College faculty learn and/or improve ways to best navigate blended and online courses. Should health and safety concerns necessitate that classes be moved to an online format, faculty will have prepared their courses for such an event.

Will attendance be required for fall courses?

The current Hesston College attendance policy will be in effect in the fall, and faculty members may have other attendance guidelines for their particular classes as stated in their syllabi. However, Hesston College remains committed to doing what is best for our students and will adapt the attendance policy, including requiring them to self-isolate if they have been exposed to the virus or experience symptoms.

How will I keep up with my coursework if I am exposed to COVID-19 or develop symptoms that require me to be isolated?

In the event that a student should need to isolate due to health and safety concerns, the student would still be able to attend classes and submit assignments online. Faculty will work to be flexible with the student and the necessary technology will be provided for the student to use during the period of isolation.