COVID-19 information and updates – current CARES level Alert

Visit the CDC COVID-19 website for health and safety precautions.

Dining Services

Dining Space

  • The Dining Hall has been reconfigured to allow for 6 ft of social distancing between seats which allows a capacity of 57 seats, including the Sauder Meeting Rooms.
  • Buffet service style has been replaced with cafeteria style serving.
  • Signs will indicate lunch line queue and traffic flow to maintain social distancing. Masks will be used in line, during serving and after eating.

Weekday Dining Hours

  • Dining Hall hours will be extended to allow time for all students to eat and for social distancing to be maintained.
  • Students will be assigned to a suggested lunch meal time according to their class schedule to allow for the Dining Hall capacity to be maintained.
  • Due to limited seating capacity, employees, guests and commuter students will not be able to eat in the dining hall until further notice.
  • Grab and Go meals may be purchased and charged to employee accounts or paid by credit card. No cash will be used this year in the Dining Hall.

Larks Nest

  • The Larks Nest will offer a limited menu over lunch and during late night hours to encourage students to stay on campus for study break refreshments.
  • Grab and Go Meals will be available to eat in the Larks Nest or in their rooms.

Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Table areas will be cleaned with disinfectant before the next person is seated.
  • Aerosol 360 cleaning machine will be used to disinfect the Dining Hall at the end of the day.

Quarantine Dining Protocol

  • Dining Services will have a Quarantine Meal Menu for students to choose from. Students will fill out their meal request form for the following day and return to the quarantine coordinator upon delivery of supper each night for the next day’s meal request.
  • The quarantine coordinator will arrange necessary staffing to pick up the meals and have them delivered.