Post-vaccine COVID level of operation 2021-22*

The information included on our COVID pages and policies is our minimum standard. There may be times where we need to look at additional restrictions for specific events on a case-by-case basis.

Hesston College Larks caring for each other in a post-vaccine reality includes the following:

State/County/Campus Landscape

COVID-19 rates are stable or decreasing in Harvey County and/or surrounding counties according to KDHE data.

  • Kansas is not on a travel restricted list.
  • Symptomatic as well as asymptomatic testing and results are readily available.
  • COVID-19 vaccine is widely available for most students.

General Campus-wide Requirements & Expectations

  • Students and employees are required to share whether they are vaccinated or not.
  • Students who are not vaccinated will be required to share a negative COVID test result within 7 days prior to arrival.
  • Hesston College Lark Commitment 3.0 practices are in place for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Academics/Performing Arts

  • Academic calendar returns to two 16-week semesters with midterm breaks.
  • Classes are offered in-person unless hybrid or online only.
  • Classrooms will return to original capacity with faculty directing seating assignments.
  • Nursing classes are held in Lambright 1.
  • Music lessons and practices are planned based on students’ vaccination status.
  • First come, first served use of practice rooms is available to all students.
  • Performing Arts community events will be planned according to venue requirements.

Student Life

  • Daily health self-screenings for all are promoted campuswide and rapid testing is available for all individuals who experience COVID symptoms.
  • Individuals testing positive for COVID must be isolated off campus at their own expense until cleared by local health authorities.
  • Single rooms are available for any student for an additional semester single-room fee. All other students will be assigned to a double-occupancy room.
  • Hesston Mennonite Church Sanctuary is the location for chapel/forum gatherings. One section will be set aside for distancing purposes.
  • The dining hall is configured for the largest space possible and operates at full capacity with buffet-style dining. One section is reserved for distancing purposes.
  • Commuter students, employees and community members may purchase meals and eat in the dining hall.


  • Games/practices/spectators will follow guidelines set by Hesston College’s athletics governing bodies (NJCAA and KJCCC) with COVID-19 game procedures and travel policies in place.
  • Athletes who are not vaccinated must wear an N-95 mask during travel, and are required to test prior to competitions as requested by the athletic department personnel.
  • Roommates for overnight stays will be assigned according to vaccination status.
  • Masks will be expected in all indoor athletic facilities (including meeting and fitness rooms) for unvaccinated individuals.
  • Fitness room operates at full capacity and is open to all students with HCLC 3.0 requirements in place.

Employee Guidelines

  • Employees must share vaccination status with the HR department and are strongly encouraged to share this information with their manager.
  • Current mask and meeting policies must be followed.
  • Employees are expected to commit to the HCLC practices, including daily health self-screening, even if vaccinated.
  • If travel to a recognized KDHE hot spot zone is necessary, a self-quarantine may be required upon return according to most recent KDHE guidelines.
  • Employees are allowed to purchase meals and eat in the dining hall.
  • Faculty, Staff and All-Employee meetings may be held in a location with appropriate seating capacity, using an online platform, or in a hybrid format.

External Engagement and Travel Guidelines

  • Prospective student visits may resume with current mask guidelines in place.
  • Overnight campus visitors are allowed to stay with proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID test within one week prior to arrival.
  • Community events may be planned with mask expectations for those who are not vaccinated, options for distanced seating available and with consideration of outdoor venues when appropriate.
  • Work-related travel may resume with consideration of KDHE travel guidelines.
  • College-approved student travel will consider guidelines of Hesston College and of the hosts involved.
  • Vaccine status will be considered during external engagement events and travel planning. Those who are unvaccinated and are traveling in an official Hesston College capacity are expected to wear a mask just as they would in the workplace.

*Any of the above guidelines are subject to change as information/guidance from local, regional, or national authorities is updated.