Bachelor of Science in Nursing – RN to BSN

RN-BSN Completion Program

General Requirements

Total credits: 121 hours including 60 hours of general education, support and elective courses and 60 (minimum) nursing hours.

Grade point average: 2.00 or better in Hesston College courses. Grades of C or better in all nursing courses.

Residency: 15 hours of nursing coursework must be earned at Hesston College.

Skills Courses (15 hours)

Written Communication (6 hours) – Engl 125 College Writing I and Engl 135 College Writing II or Engl 225 Advanced College Writing.

Oral Communication (3) – Comm 125 Interpersonal Communication or Comm 206 Speech Communication.

Mathematics (6) – MaSc 105 College Algebra (or higher) and MaSc 210 Elementary Statistics.

Knowledge Courses (31 hours)

Social Science (9 hours) – Psy 200 General Psychology, Psy 206 Developmental Psychology and Soc 203 Introduction to Sociology or Soc 207 Sociology of Families

Humanities (3) – One course from the following: Engl 112 Studies in Literature, Engl 212 World Literature, Engl 215 Introduction to Film, Engl 217 Literature of Race, Ethnicity and Gender, Hist 221/222 U.S. History I/II, Hist 251/252 History of World Civilization I/II, Mus 203 Music Appreciation, Phil 170 Introduction to Philosophy, Span 102 Elementary Spanish II, Span 201 Intermediate Spanish I, ThAr 103 The Art of Theatre.

Natural Science (16) – BiSc 205 Anatomy & Physiology, BiSc 206 Microbiology, BiSc 215 Pathophysiology and Chem 101 Introductory Chemistry (or higher)

Responsibility Courses (3 hours)

Nutr 210 Principles of Nutrition

Faith Course (3 hours)

Relg 100 Biblical Literature

Integration Course (3 hours)

Nurs 416 Advancing Scholarly Writing

Elective Courses

(to bring total general education, support and elective hours to 60). Elective hours must include one 3 credit-hour course from one of the following categories: Social Sciences, Humanities, Responsibility or Integration Source Courses (See list.)

Nursing Courses (65 hours minimum)

Nurs 307 Nursing Theories and the Baccalaureate Nurse Role, Nurs 308 Healthcare Ethics, Nurs 311 Holistic Assessment for the Practicing Nurse, Nurs 312 Healthcare Systems, Policy and Finance, Nurs 316 Evidence-Based Practice, Nurs 405 Interprofessional Communication and Practice, Nurs 406 Healthcare Informatics, Quality & Safety, Nurs 410 Population-Based Nursing, Nurs 412 Nursing Leadership and Nurs 416 Advancing Scholarly Writing

Catalog 2018-19