Staff Kehr to McMaster

Bryan Kehr, M.S.   Athletics
B.A., Goshen College, 1982; M.S., Emporia State University, 2015
Hesston College 2010-
Lori Kingsley, B.S.   Business Office
B.S., Bethel College, 1990
Hesston College 1990-
Carol Kratky, B.S.   Dining Services
B.S., Beloit Vocational Technical College, 1970
Hesston College 1985-
Carla Lahey, M.S.   Student Life
B.A., Samford University, 2000; M.S., Florida State University, 2012
Hesston College 2018-
Fritz Lehman, A.A.A.S.   Aviation
A.A.A.S., Hesston College, 2014
Hesston College 2017-
Julie Lehman, M.S.W.   Student Success
A.A., Hesston College, 1998; B.S., Eastern Mennonite University, 2000; M.S.W., University of Kansas, 2006
Hesston College 2002-05, 2010-
Todd Lehman, M.A.   Athletics
B.A., Eastern Mennonite University, 2001: M.A., Friends University, 2011
Hesston College 2008-
Cindy Loucks, B.S.   President’s Office
B.S., Kansas State University, 1980
Hesston College 1987-88, 2005-
Collin Loutensock, B.A.   Athletics
A.A., Hesston College, 2016; B.A., Newman University, 2018
Hesston College 2018-
Pawan Magar   Campus Facilities
Hesston College 2017-
Morgan Martin, A.A.A.S.   Admissions
A.A.A.S., Hesston College, 2014
Hesston College 2018-
Jim Mason, B.S.   Campus Facilities
A.A., Hesston College, 1975; B.S., Kansas State University, 1980
Hesston College 1999-2000, 2002-
Rachel McMaster, B.A.   Marketing and Communications
A.A., Hesston College, 2005; B.S., Eastern Mennonite University, 2007
Hesston College 2007-

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