Jay Aeschliman

Bradenton, Fla.
Pilot with Atlas Air, Inc., since 2005

Aircraft: B-747-200
Hours: 13,000+
Ratings and Awards: ATP,B-747, B-727, G-V, L-1329, DA-10, CE-500, LR-JET, BE-300, BE-1900
A.A., Hesston College
A+P Mechanics License
Previous Employment: AMC/FMC 1985-2003
Flying Mission (MCC) Botswana 1981-84
Hesston College Aviation-CFI 1974-78

Married to Cynthia Bontrager (Hesston ’76), father to Quinn (Karla Mast) Aeschliman, Eve (Rodney) Knepp (Hesston ’02), Aaron Aeschliman (Hesston ’04), Luke Aeschliman (Hesston ’08)
Hesston College years: 1972-74

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