Aviation – Air Traffic Control (A.A.A.S.)

Associate Degree
A view of the runway from the cockpit

The Air Traffic Control program at Hesston is offered as a two-year associate degree through the Aviation Department. We bring to the Air Traffic Control training environment a new, refreshed and refined program and curriculum. Hesston College is the only two-year Part 141 (Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot airplane single-engine land) flight training school in the state of Kansas to offer flight and Air Traffic Controller training. Students who go through Hesston’s ATC training gain the advantage of being trained in an FAA CTI (Collegiate Training Initiative) environment with access to the Air Traffic Basics materials used at the FAA ATC Academy in Oklahoma City. Students in the program will obtain a private pilot’s license and an associate of applied arts and sciences degree, which will give them a distinct advantage in passing the initial qualification training at the FAA Academy. Note – the Air Traffic Control program is only available to U.S. citizens under age 31.

Why choose Hesston College for your Air Traffic Controller Training?

  • Our flight training is structured and intentional and we are required to maintain at least an 80 percent pass-fail ratio. To date, 100% of our ATC graduates who have attended the FAA Academy have passed.
  • The FAA has approved the curriculum for our Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot airplane single engine land courses (through FAA regulation Part 141).
  • Our geographical location is key. Located in south central Kansas, 35 miles north of Wichita, we are within driving distance of the Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center, the Wichita Tower and the Wichita Terminal Radar Approach Control facility.

What other benefits will you receive?

The value of a Hesston College education, along with your Aviation career training will serve you individually and professionally for a life time. Your investments will offer you the full benefit of academic achievement, and life-long friendships. Our faculty and staff are very accessible and take personal ownership in each student’s success. Our faculty believes in and uses positive affirmation in their training structure. You will not feel demeaned or inadequate. You will experience community at Hesston College Aviation. We consider everyone in the aviation program part of our flight team. Our faculty and staff make getting to know you personally their priority.

Prerequisites for Air Traffic Control

  • Have a high school diploma and an unweighted GPA of 2.5 or above OR a GED certificate;
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA for all completed higher education work;
  • Have achieved one of the following: a minimum composite score of 19 on the ACT, a minimum combined critical reading and mathematics score of 990 on the SAT or an ACCUPLACER Next-Gen Score of 255 in Reading and 255 in Writing – only one ACCUPLACER retake allowed;
  • Meet the FAA’s English language requirements; and
  • Obtain a First Class (1st Class) FAA Airman Medical Certificate issued by a FAA-authorized Aviation Medical Examiner.
  • Age 30 or younger (FAA requirement for the ATC-Trainee position)
  • U.S. citizenship

Plan of Study – (A.A.A.S. degree)

Air Traffic Control Track Required Program Courses: 21 hours (grade of C or better required)
(AVIA 101 Introduction to Aviation and AVIA 103/104 Private Pilot I/II) or (AVIA 107 Private Pilot Transition and FAA Private Pilot Certificate), AVIA 106 Airspace and Air Traffic, AVIA 121 Meteorology, AVIA 161 Aviation Regulations, AVIA 215 Air Traffic Basics, AVIA 222 Instrument Rating Principles, AVIA 254 Human Factors, AVIA 281 Aviation Safety.

First Year Program Courses

Fall Courses

  • Intro to Aviation
  • Intro to Professional Aviation
  • Private Pilot I
  • Meteorology
  • Airspace and Air Traffic
Recommended Courses
  • College Writing I
  • First-Year Experience

Spring Courses

  • Private Pilot II
  • Instrument Rating Principles
  • Aviation Regulations
Recommended Courses
  • Biblical Literature
  • Interpersonal Communication or Speech Communication
  • Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

Second Year Program Courses

Fall Courses

  • Air Traffic Basics
Recommended Courses
  • responsibility course
  • humanities course
  • mathematics course
  • elective

Spring Courses

  • Aviation Safety
  • Human Factors
Recommended Courses
  • social science course
  • natural science course
  • elective

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