Protect the Larks Fund

About Protect the Larks Fund (COVID-19)

The 2020-21 academic year carries a lot of unknowns due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help Hesston College continue to attract and safely serve our students, please consider a financial gift to the Protect the Larks Fund by June 30. This fund will help cover the additional expenses listed below that we are incurring, as well as others. Our goal is to provide a safe home away from home and to lower student and parent anxiety by taking proactive and intentional measures to protect our Larks and campus community.

  • All students living in Erb Hall and Kauffman Court (primary dorms) will have single rooms at no additional cost. Mod sizes will be limited to 10 students or fewer. We will need to re-purpose former dorm rooms and retrofit other rooms to meet this new demand.
  • Online course offerings will be expanded for international students as acquiring visas will likely be difficult. Technology use and needs will also increase for other courses as we incorporate varying measures of hybrid online/in-person learning models for social distancing as the pandemic may dictate.
  • Cleaning and sanitization processes and schedules across campus will be increased.
  • Physical distancing practices will be implemented in the dining hall, classrooms and other larger settings, and we will incorporate creative on-campus activities as students will have fewer opportunities for and likely some fear about traveling off-campus.
  • Leverage our small, nimble environment as a solid foundation for keeping students safe long term and for keeping the college well-positioned to navigate this pandemic.

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